Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Women of Vision

I realized today that I hadn't blogged about the concert here in Mission Viejo, CA with Liz Story and Lisa Downing on April 13th, 2013.

Let me first say, that my city rocks!  Dru Maurer, who is the Cultural Arts Supervisor for the City of Mission Viejo is amazing.  She and an army of volunteers as well as the Cultural Arts Committee  are an incredible group of individuals that supported us in ways I have never felt before.

Its so important to be a part of the community that you live in.  You can support them by volunteering to help with clean up, or concerts and things like that.  I am so amazed at their efforts. We've had some really cool Art events that I think are one of a kind.  So MY thanks to all of my fellow Mission Viejoians.

Lisa Downing and Pete Foster , thank you.. for your hard work as well. The two of you really put your heart into what we were doing and I am grateful we met. Looking forward to more.

Liz Story, is one of those pianists/composers that you will never forget in your lifetime.  The opportunity to meet her, perform with her, was one of the highlights in my life.  She is not only a great musician, she is a GREAT person.  I am grateful to have met her.  I hope to do more with her and Lisa.

Every time I perform, I learn.

We used to broadcast live... each time I use it, I learn more techniques or what needs to be better.  I had both of my boys being techies running the camera, and the other watching the feed as it came up on the computer. My husband Don was supervising them.. so if fights broke out ( which is highly likely), they wouldn't break anything! hahah!

So here is the link to the concert.. I will edit it and we'll post it on my website!


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