Saturday, September 6, 2014

Getting back into the swing of it...

Its been a busy summer with my children. I have not touched the piano in weeks. Yesterday I took some time out to play the piano.  I was able to get an hour in.. but it was not enough time.  I am doing some things this weekend that will keep me from the music, which I am a little out of sorts about, but its fun stuff!

Its so hard to stay balanced all the time, and I am really out of balance. My goals for the coming new week is to spend as much time on the piano and also finish up a project I am working on for a friend of mine. 

I also wanted to share a podcast I had the opportunity to be a part of.  A few years ago I traveled to Imaginary Road Studios to tape a radio interview with John Diliberto of Echoes.  I had the opportunity to perform with Will Ackerman, Scarlet Rivera, Jill Haley, David Cullen, Jeff Oster, Derrik Jordan.  We recorded a Holiday program, as well was interviewed. It was super cool.  So if you need something to listen to while doing the dishes, homework or just need to relax, check it out:

Echoes - Kori Linae Carothers  ( This is on iTunes)

If you can't find it there you can listen here via my website:

For more information on Echoes, please visit their website at: