Thursday, October 22, 2009

Online Concerts...

This is an interesting idea I had. I perform in Second Life from time to time, and so decided to share the stream link with those that do not want to join SL. You can open up the stream in your iTunes browser. What would be fun is to get a bunch of my band mates to perform with me here at my home studio..or even at a studio that we could stream into iTunes... that is definitely something to work on.

It was very successful. Peak listening was at 55.. and that did not include those of you on iTunes listening in. So.. I am sure we were around 100. The stream can handle over 200 listeners. The way technology changes I am sure we will be able to handle more listeners. We are still working on the sound, which I am sure with time we will be able to tweak and get it better.

I will keep you posted on when and where you can tune in.

More to come...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My current Travels..

I am currently on the road. I left on Thursday October 8th on the red eye to Boston, MA. I arrived early in the morning. The sun was coming up on the horizon.. and it was quite beautiful.. Even being in the back of the plane... literally, it was not a bad trip. I went to Hertz, and rented me a 4 wheel drive vehicle.. cuz I had a long drive up to Vermont ahead of me.

As I drove on the 90 Mass Turnpike... I was struck by the beauty of the season. Fall is upon us. The people here in this part of the country certainly know it is, the coolness of the weather, the change of the colors most definitely tells you that the new season is upon us. In Cali... we have our cool days.. but we do not get the brisk temperatures.

Some of you are probably wondering why I am here again and why I went to Vermont. I had an opportunity to do an Echoes show with John Diliberto.. and thought it would be cool to share with Will Ackerman my producer as some of the musicians that were on the album TRILLIUM. Essentially I thought perhaps this would go down like this: Me do two songs... Will do two songs and Jeff Oster do two songs.. perhaps Eugene Friesen in the mix as well. What actually happened was amazing. The evolution of what we did was this: We taped a living room concert with my music in the mix, one of Jeff's songs "Fools Gold"... and I then we also taped a Christmas show. John interviewed me, and Will. He also talked with Jeff regarding Fools Gold. We were able to procure David Cullen, Jill Haley, Derrik Jordan, Scarlet Rivera, Jeff Oster, of course Will and I. Will invited the Echoes team up to Imaginary Road Studios and we did the taping there. Corin Nelsen and Jeff Towne did a fabulous job recording everything. Kimberly Haas is the Executive Producer.. with John Diliberto as your host.

Sunday October 11, we taped the Living Room concert... which was much fun. Will Ackerman, Me, Jeff Oster and Derrik Jordan did live renditions of songs on my album. I wish we could have done BLUE ICE and CARPE DIEM... but sometimes you can't have it all. I was amazed at the synergy.. I even got to jam with Will, Jeff and Derrik that day. What a fun memory for me to have.. I even have video. I won't be posting that... but the pics are worth a thousand words...

Monday, the rest of the musicians showed up.. and we started working and taping the Christmas show. Each song had its place in the show.. and of course we got silly and had a GREAT time!

Again, the synergy between everyone.. was amazing. John Diliberto made us all feel pretty comfortable. It was nice. All the interviews, shows etc will be broadcast(ed) in November and December on Echoes. So I hope ya'll will check the Echoes website and tune in where ever and however you can!


I would say that being in Vermont is heaven on earth. I enjoy it every time I go.

The weekend coming up.. I will be heading down to Tennessee. I will be visiting a GREAT friend of mine. She and I were college buds way back when. We have kept our friendship and have kept in touch even tho we are miles apart. She came to see my first gig at BB Kings in LA. Talk about supportive!

For those of you in the San Diego, LA/OC area, November 15, from 5pm - 7pm I will be performing here with Scarlet Rivera, Jeff Oster and Lars Hidde:

Soul at Home

As it gets closer, I will post more info.

More to come....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pure Energy!

Kori Linae Carothers - TRILLIUM: There are many stunning moments on this fantastic multi-instrumental CD. She has a gentle, yet piercing, piano style... in other words, her music doesn't invade you with overbearing penetration... rather it's like she's breathing through her fingers for you. Her synthesizer work on the marvelous "Blue Ice" (my favorite on the album) will have you spinning the track over and over (as I did)... it's not one of those "mysterious, swami-like" things; rather, her light just shines through, & you understand in only seconds how much power illumination has! Her composition skill on "Carpe Diem" makes the CD well worth the purchase... her spirit washes over yours & lets you ascend to the very heights of the dream. The image I get is of a player who knows what she wants her music to say, and has the ultimate skill to convey it in a way that will let the listener know that they are hearing true originality. Very exciting music that will carry you through the land this extremely sensitive player lives in, & make you want to stay there for a long time... my "EQ" rating for this album is 4.94, very near the top of the 1-5 scale (& that says a lot)... pure energy! You may want to note that Will Ackerman (founder of Windham Hill) produced this, & plays guitar on it as well. It gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me! Get more information at Rotcod Zzaj