Saturday, March 1, 2014

A little Help from my friends, fans, sponsors, et al

Hello my Friends, Family, Fans! 

Just a short 61 days until I go to Vermont and work with Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios. I am SO excited, nervous, bouncing off the walls, emotional about this whole experience. I know this album is going to be one of my best. I know I have said this about all of my work, but this time its just me and the piano.  

I would HONORED to have you join us already working to make this happen.. yes we are funded.. but EVERY little extra helps go towards marketing, manufacturing and promoting the album. Not only does it helps me, it helps Hearing Health Foundation.  A percentage will go to them.  I chose them to be a part of this project because I am deaf in my left ear.  They are working on research to prevent and cure hearing loss.  They are doing GREAT work! 

Should you choose to come on board and journey with me to record this album, you have several exclusives you can choose from! For example:  A signed album by Grammy Award Winning guitarist:  Will Ackerman,  Skype time with me for 30 minutes, original pieces of art from my friends Pat Sylvester and Barbara Ehlo Holbert. Fashion at its finest: vintage clothing from my cousin who works in the fashion industry.  ALL of my previous albums signed. Also video blogs of my time at Imaginary Road. Sneak peeks of the music! 

Hop on board today and pre-order your copy of "Fire in the Rainstorm" ~
Pledge Music: Fire in the Rainstorm