Monday, April 27, 2009


I am back from Vermont. I left last Sunday and came home last night. I had all day on Monday April 20th to recover from the red eye I flew on. Note to self: Make sure to book a flight on a bigger plane if doing red eye. A 767 or 757 plane is MUCH better for those LONG cross country flights to Boston. Yes.. I flew there.

Anyway... I got to Boston, had a little fun at the Hertz Rental Center. The lady that helped me get my car.. etc, wanted me to play a joke on her Boss. Flo is her name, she was a happy person.. and I must say her Boss was pretty good natured, and had the most outrageous scholarly Boston accent. They treated me quite well. They made sure I had a fast pass for the Massachuesettes Turn PIke. That road is insane. I ended up driving on the 2 West to the 91. The 91 takes you into Vermont.

I stayed at the Four Columns Inn. IF you EVER stay in Southern Vermont, I recommend them highly. The Four Columns Inn They treated me like gold. I had a fabulous time staying there. ONE problem I had tho.. NO cell coverage. Verizon... you need to fix that!

Tues April 21, Wed., April 22 and Thursday Aprill 23rd, I went and worked at Imaginary Road Studios to hopefully finish up the album. On the 21st and the 22nd.. I stayed at Will's place called the Dream Garage. I would have stayed there all week, but another artist came in on Thursday.. they stayed till Saturday. So.. I went back to the Four Columns Inn.

Tuesday I decided to put down some vocal colors on The Long View and Will suggested to put some down on Nez Perce too. Which I did! It all turned out great! Wednesday we worked till 7pm, got the isrc codes from RIAA and also the UPC code for Trillium as well. I did a lot of paper work. I still have LOTS to do. I finally understand the publishing info from BMI... and I need to fill all that out! Doing all of this myself has been a pain in the butt.. however, I am glad I know what I need to do now.

Thursday, Will spent some time going over the songs.. and trying to put the songs in sequence on the album.. was a puzzle. I am just glad we were able to figure it out. You wouldn't think there was a science to sequenced songs on albums.. well, it IS in the New Age genre. The flow of the album depends on it. Especially mine. Its is a VERY dynamic album. Gutsy.. and it does push the envelope on many levels in the New Age Genre.. WHY it is called that?.. ARGH. I am hoping we can change the face/name to ElectrA Coustic Instrumental or ElectrACoustic.. EA pronounced with a long E. We'll see how that goes.

Friday was a day off.. I mostly explored the area.. LOTS of pictures to upload for you to look at. I did go up to Will's.. but decided I better explore around in Newfane. Saturday I spent most of the day with a friend of mine from Connecticut. Went exploring. It was SO hot over the weekend there! lol... All the trees were pushing out their leaves. It was fun!

I will tell you, that the room at the Inn was great. The food was fabulous and the owners are amazing people. Debbie and Bruce Pfander. The restaurant is out of this world. I hope you all get a chance to stay there.

Sunday Morning the 26th.. I woke up to lots of birds chirping. The church bells rang around 9am. That was fun! I am telling you.. that Newfane is the most quiet town I have ever stayed at! lol.. I suppose I am around noise 24/7 that it was just so noticeable to me.

I went over to Will and Susan's and hung out for the morning until I had to drive myself down to Boston. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. Susan showed me the gardens.. and all the plants that were coming up. I love to garden.. and it was fun to see all the various spring flowers in bloom. The hyacinths, small pansies, wild violets, all the different daffodils.

I then drove to Boston, got there in time to sit for about 15 minutes until we boarded. Got on a HUGE 767.. and did some work on the laptop, ate, slept, read.. and finally got to LAX. I had someone come pick me up and drive me home. We got home in great time!

Will keep you posted on the release date of the CD.. etc.

More to come...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tune In

On Saturday April 18, 2009 at 8am Pacific. I will being joining John Luttrell and DJ Thornton on the KSBR Morning Breeze show. It it is early for you... get some coffee.. if its late for you.. drink your favorite beverage and listen. Would love to have you along!

Here is the link for the instructions to tune in:

KSBR 88.5 Jazz FM Radio

More to come..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

OC Register Write Up...

I am so excited to share with you, that I have my first news write up in the Entertainment section of the OC Register. So much is going on, that it is getting very difficult to keep up with everything. SO, I hired a publicist. His name is Chris Franz from Razing Kane Entertainment. He was very essential getting this together! Thanks Chris! Luv ya!

Click on the Title to this post and it will take you there!

Thank you all for your support!

More to come...