Friday, February 21, 2014

Prepping for Vermont.. what is that like?

I have to ramble tonight... as this week has been one of the most inspirational weeks I have had in a LONG long time. 

This week started a little rough..and yet I chose not to let it bring me down. Wednesday, I went to my friend's house and we had tea, and curled up in some warm blankets and watched "The Way" a movie starring Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. It was a nice quiet evening which I really needed. My minions have been extraordinarily rascally. When my friend invited me over to her house, it was the perfect remedy and I was able to have some nice adult conversation and not only that the movie was extremely inspiring. I would suggest you rent it.. I highly recommend it. 

Thursday, was the sloshing of the tea at Coffee Tea and Tulips. A lovely tea room and eatery. An establishment full of ambience of Europe. I was with a wonderful friend of mine reconnecting after our lives have kept us intensely busy. It was an inspirational meeting of minds talking about Fire in the Rainstorm and the photos and other cool stuffas and life. 

Today, what an amazing day. I went back to the tea room, to meet yet another friend of mine... who has a very strong spiritual heart. Its one of those moments in life, where you go.. oh hey.. someone solid, understanding and un-demanding, giving and very accepting. 

I have been able to rehearse so much this week... technically I have room for improvement... essentially I don't want to over think the music.. but timing and the fingering aka the technical aspects of the music is stretching me so I've been working on scales to help with my playing. Its been JOYFUL, painful, frustrating, RELIEVING, and I am able to face my fears and my inadequacies head on.. and cutting myself some slack at the same time. 

My point of telling all of this, is that I firmly believe that God is preparing me emotionally, spiritually and of course technically for the session at Imaginary Road. I've never experienced such intense emotions, friendship, and learning... 

Regardless of my religious beliefs, my idiosyncrasies.. I feel very comfortable with WHO I am. Lately I have really become aware that I am ok if people don't like me, and I am ok if I do make mistakes, I am a flawed human. I am not perfect and to expect me to be, is asking for serious trouble! I strive to be the best I can be and I do stumble and fall. I feel the stronger than I have EVER felt and more FOCUSED on my life, my family and my life's work. Its SO comforting to feel so confident in who I am and what I am striving for. 

I wish I could give you the feelings and emotions telepathically to help you understand what lessons I have learned this week. 

Most of all, I am SO thankful for the broadcasters, my musician friends, for all of you that have accepted me for who I AM and for sharing my music with your 
audiences, your friends and family. This album could not be happening without you.. and I am SO grateful for that. I will NEVER forget... never.