Sunday, July 11, 2010


Summer is in full swing here in SoCal. Even tho the weather is being very mild, I don't mind so much. I am sure in August, September and October we will get the heat that is our Indian Summer.. or "Secret Summer" as some of the local surfers/beach combers coin the term here.

I was hoping to go to Northern California this summer to perform, but I need to slow down. My health needs to be my first priority.. and so I am taking it easy for now. No I am not sick or anything terminal. I am listening to what my body is telling me, and that is to slow down. In the fall I am sure I will be working to book some shows up in Sacramento/San Francisco area.

I am in the middle of outlining the next album(s). I have SO much new music floating around in my head. I think I am a little shocked at the amount. After releasing "Trillium" I felt that perhaps that I would be empty of anything musical. I was completely wrong. I have so much acoustic and electronic sounds floating around, sometimes its very frustrating because I want it all out TODAY! lol. BUT I know that this will take time as it did with the previous albums.

For now, I hope you will go to my website and you can download 3 songs for free. These are mixes that did not make it on Trillium.

Free Downloads

These are gifts to you as my thanks for reading, writing to me and sharing my music with your friends.

Also, when you d/l a digital copy of TRILLIUM, you can get a PDF booklet of the album liner notes! Pretty cool, eh? I thought so too.

I hope to go camping in August, and then there is the KSBR 88.5 Morning Breeze Schmooze on Sunday September 5, 2010. More info here: Morning Breeze Schmooze

I will also be at Tushita Heaven on Friday August 6, 2010 from 7pm - 9pm. This is a free concert. I enjoy giving my time to the community and performing.

Enjoy your summer!