Friday, June 15, 2012

Slow Dance

I will be on the road for a bit, but I wanted to leave a song for you to turn your stereo up, grab your Significant Other and slow dance together. I wrote this song "3 Degrees" for Will and Susan. It has a retro "Prom" feeling to it. Will told me what the song felt for him and it made me smile.  So go ahead... dance...

3 Degrees

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"F" Major

If you love my music, that is great! I am so pleased that you do. However, do NOT email me or message me in the same breadth telling me my music is wonderful and then ask me to use my music in a film for free and tell me you will give me credits.  Say for instance, I tell you that you are a wonderful director and that I love your work, and would love to have you as my director for a film, but there is no budget to pay you for directing my said film. OR better yet, you own a restaurant and I tell you I love your food, you have a great place, and I want to hire you to cater to my big party but I don’t have a budget to pay you to cater to my party.. but I will tell everyone who made the food etc.. You would think I am nuts.

In the past I’ve allowed my music to be used in a nature film for free, the video was shot and ready for music. As it was done in HD, I was cool with it because it was pretty specific to one song. It was not a full length featured film.  We both agreed that we could cross market it.  I approved the usage. 

I am very thankful that my music touches people and I am flattered to be considered for a film. I do need to make money in order to create more music. I don’t have a major label’s financial backing. I pay for everything out of my own pocket. Recording costs are expensive, manufacturing doesn’t happen on its own. If I respected and love your music, food or whatever talent you have, should I want to hire you, I would offer to pay money.   Crediting my music is nice, but I feel my music is worth more than just credits.

I’m not a greedy person, I am being realistic. In order for me to continue to record, I have got to find ways to pay for my recording costs, etc.

Working for free is not an option! So don’t ask me to!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Astreaux World Program

Astreaux World Program #008, you can listen while you are working tonight.  Whether you are on the computer, reading or just need to relax.  Load it and listen... I did!  Its a great music program, with DAVOL as the featured musician, and selections from IdealMusik and me as the guest musician. Thanks to Jim Ellis and Dr. Reverend Rick Woll.

 I hope you enjoy!

Astreaux World Program #008