Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ok so every once in a while I do something for myself. I am sitting in a salon waiting for my copper toe polish to dry. What's most interesting is the sweet lady that gave my feet a massage sang in Vietnamese. I noticed right away the beauty of the song even tho I don't speak her language. Her voice was quiet yet very soothing. My friend Tiana suggested to come.. And so here we are. After driving all day to get here yesterday and the concert last night, I needed some quiet time. Its times like these that I reflect upon the important things in my life. As she sang this soothing tune.. I felt the calm and quiet beauty of it. Sometimes we don't always know how life is going to play out...and these days.. My life is so incredibly different from my past. Whatever happens in my life in the future.. I will be thinking of the song this beautiful soul gifted to me... So go out and go do something for yourself.. Today.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

After Concert thoughts

I have some thoughts about the concert last night.. with Fiona Joy Hawkins and Denise Young.

First tho, I want to say many thanks to John Mila De Roca, manager of Keyboard Concepts. He made us feel very welcome.. at least I felt that way. The day before the concert, we were able to come into the store and rehearse. Mark J. Smith came in to rehearse with Fiona and I. He was amazing. The man spent 30 minutes with us each working on our pieces and he really picked them up fast. Of course a few weeks ago we gave him our music.. but he was able to pick up on a song that I chose to use instead of another one.

Kudos to everyone at Keyboard Concepts for making the evening fabulous!

Thanks to everyone that came to the concert.. whether you lived in the area or you are from LA and San Diego! What a treat to have had you all come and enjoy our music. Thank you!

To Fiona... I am honored to have been in your first stop on your US Tour. Thanks very much for having me. I really enjoyed your performance. I thank you for your friendship as well.

To Denise... thank you SO much for putting together the Total Wine tasting after party gathering. Your friend Robin did a wonderful job with the fruit and cheese! I thank you for your friendship too. Your music with the addition of Effy, was wonderful!

For some reason, I was a bit nervous about the evening. Normally I have the jitters until I get up on the piano. Last night I was a bit on the so nervous I can't talk side. I got over it.. but still disconcerting to when I am performing. I was in my zone last night in spite of the jitters. I felt strong in my musical knowledge.. and the feelings I was experiencing.. was very difficult to put into words. The music spoke for me. I was able to express them via my music. Last night's expression of the music told a story that I used to have walls around my heart and I have decided to return to my old self. Many people in my life recently have been a catalyst for me to return to my open self. This is not to say, tho, that I am reckless in being so open. I will be cautious with my heart. I am also learning to trust myself again. So when I feel like something isn't working, I walk away. I am glad that I can express these thoughts musically. It always seems to clear my mind.

I really enjoyed listening to Denise and Fiona. It was a good night.

I met some cool people, and re-acquainted myself with some old friends. Al Conti and his manager showed up. ( Keith). Thanks gents.. was good to meet you. Hope your trip back home was a safe one.

I am thankful for all of you, my friends, my family and for those of you that have touched my life with your musical souls.

More to come...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Epic Horn and Piano...

Alternate Mix of Dancin in the Clouds - Featuring Jeff Oster.