Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time for a bit of vulnerability...

I have a lot on my mind.  I have so much to say...sometimes I just can't express it in the coolest way. Music is my best expression..

Today is different.

Today, I became energized.. focused on what I need to be doing.. "WHAT is that you must be doing? " you ask?

Read on my friends...

As many of you know, I am working on a new album.  I have been depressed, un-focused and having too much fun with a pity party for myself. ( NOT really fun.. but you know the drill).

I had several moments of clarity this morning.  I bought the upgrade for Reason 7, re-installed Reason 3/4 on my laptop.... I am thinking.. WOAH... hey, why didn't I do this a few years ago. THE answer is, oh yeah... I was depressed, my brain was muddy. Couldn't think straight.  ( Waiting for Reason 7 to get here.... )

NOW what led to this clarity we have to go back in time...

A few weeks ago, a good buddy of mine calls me, and literally kicked my ASS!  "GET out of it...WHERE is the Kori I know.. the fighter"...  I gave a very timid answer and while I was saying what I was saying in that timid little voice of mine, MARY JO LISA ( my alternate ego) jumps up and screams.. "YEAH WHERE ARE YOU?"

I hung up after talking for 45 minutes.. well, I mostly listened while my ASS was handed to me on a plate. 

After listening.. I was stunned.  I was touched that my bud, would take the time to call me in spite of the CRAZINESS going on within his life.  I got busy planning out what I need to be doing. 

STEP ONE of my plan is to get Reason up and running again.  

Step two of my plan is to record some rough tracks and have you all to listen to the progression(s) of the music. 

The third step is in progress.  Meaning I cannot talk about it yet, but it is pretty cool.

 I've been inspired and am healing from some of the things that life has decides to hand out to us... you know the TRIALS and changes that come with that. 

As ALWAYS... thank you for your emails, phone calls and comments you keep me going! With you on this journey with me I KNOW I will succeed! 

Peace in Music


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rule of thumb...

I've been noticing a lot of email coming my way from "A&R" reps. My reaction is at best... very terse.   If you think you have any interest in my music, please do not insult my intelligence by telling me that "I" must pay you for me to be one of your "artists".  Don't bother to flatter me because I've been down this road with a record label.. and all the money I sent to release "The Journey"... was a rip off.  And really, I bet you a million dollars you have not taken the time to actually SIT down and listen to the "said tracks" you like.

I suppose these guys think I am so desperate to have me placed on THIER  roster.. for what $300- $5000 dollars? I've been taken advantage of my good nature in the past, not anymore. Here is an interesting blog post about writers called Yog's Law... it should be applied to musicians...

Thanks to Bradley Momberger for alerting me to this simple, excellent, but effective way of thinking. (click on Yog's Law, an article on How Publishing REALLY Works.

Yog's Law

 Basically, it says: Money flows towards the writer 

This same idea should be applied to Musicians:   Money flows towards the musician

Its brilliant... its simple, whats not to get about that?

When you read this blog entry.. just replace writer with musician.  If anyone approaches you saying "Oh hey, your music is great, lets sign you up to get you on BMI... etc etc etc... these guys are trying to "divert the money away from the musician... money flows towards the musician".

I refuse to have my money diverted away from myself...

Money flows towards the musician.... 

Friday, May 24, 2013

What Song Changed My Life/What Song Changed Your Life?

I have always listened to music.  I don't know if there was EVER a time where I didn't.  I remember vividly, as a child, my parents had a small record player that I would take my pillow and blanket and lay down by it and listen to The Boston Pops rendition of "Fireworks", "Hall of the Mountain King", "The Grand Canyon Suite", all of their collection of Broadway musicals, 1960's popular trumpet player, Herb Alpert.  My oldest sister would play lots of rock n roll records or listen to the radio.  I loved how I felt when I lay down on the floor to listen... and the music would resonate in within my chest.

The song tho, that really made a difference in my life, was "A Little Help From My Friends" by the Beatles.  That was it, I plunked out the song on the piano.  My parents were amazed, and felt it wise to have me take piano lessons, after begging to learn, I took lessons. I am classically trained.

More to come...

Sunday, May 12, 2013


I have to say, I'm feeling very tender about a great many things today, being a Mom, is one.  My family made me breakfast in bed.. and I have to say it was very delicious and it was SO nice not have to cook for anyone this morning! haha! 

The second tender feeling is about my musical family.  Even tho I was not at the ZMR Awards, many of my musical family members kept me in the loop with texts and emails.  Thank you for that. I am blessed in so many ways. I love you for your consideration.

Thirdly, is "The Gathering" took home 2 awards, AND my friend and producer, Will Ackerman was given the very first ZMR Lifetime Achievement Award.  He certainly deserves it, with the amount of musicians he has worked with and touched as well as many fans of the music he has produced, recorded.. etc.

I want to congratulate all of those that were nominated for ZMR Awards as well. 

Here is a video that Jeff Oster put together . Enjoy!

Will Ackerman 2012 ZMR Lifetime Achievement Award

More to come...


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why I am not going to the ZMR Awards in New Orleans...

I know many of you that are going to the ZMR Awards in New Orleans are thinking I am going.  A few of you know I am not.

There comes a time when one has to weigh the "Good, Better, Best" decision.  While it would be "Good" to go to the ZMR Awards, after all my track "Carpe Diem" is on the critically acclaimed album "The Gathering - Produced by Will Ackerman", and in the running for 3 awards. All 21 of us have tracks on that album too.   I should be there right? Well yes its a "Good" thing... however,  financially it is not Good for me to go.  Its best that I stay home and put all my resources to "Fire in the Rainstorm".  Sometimes one has to pick and choose among the "Good, Better, Best".  Best wins this time, and so does Imaginary Road Studios!

Good luck to all of my friends up for Awards on May 11! Next year I hope to be there.

I am looking forward to working with Will again.  Keep you eyes peeled!

THANK you and love you all for support me and my music!

Peace in Music,


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Women of Vision

I realized today that I hadn't blogged about the concert here in Mission Viejo, CA with Liz Story and Lisa Downing on April 13th, 2013.

Let me first say, that my city rocks!  Dru Maurer, who is the Cultural Arts Supervisor for the City of Mission Viejo is amazing.  She and an army of volunteers as well as the Cultural Arts Committee  are an incredible group of individuals that supported us in ways I have never felt before.

Its so important to be a part of the community that you live in.  You can support them by volunteering to help with clean up, or concerts and things like that.  I am so amazed at their efforts. We've had some really cool Art events that I think are one of a kind.  So MY thanks to all of my fellow Mission Viejoians.

Lisa Downing and Pete Foster , thank you.. for your hard work as well. The two of you really put your heart into what we were doing and I am grateful we met. Looking forward to more.

Liz Story, is one of those pianists/composers that you will never forget in your lifetime.  The opportunity to meet her, perform with her, was one of the highlights in my life.  She is not only a great musician, she is a GREAT person.  I am grateful to have met her.  I hope to do more with her and Lisa.

Every time I perform, I learn.

We used to broadcast live... each time I use it, I learn more techniques or what needs to be better.  I had both of my boys being techies running the camera, and the other watching the feed as it came up on the computer. My husband Don was supervising them.. so if fights broke out ( which is highly likely), they wouldn't break anything! hahah!

So here is the link to the concert.. I will edit it and we'll post it on my website!