Friday, December 12, 2014

Difficult times...

I was not going to post about this anywhere, but I have changed my mind.  This past year I've been struggling with heart issues, and female health problems.  Without giving you TMI... (too much info), I am scheduled for surgery on Thursday, December 18th.  I will be having a hysterectomy and pelvic prolapse repair robotic surgery. 

The last two weeks have been extremely frustrating.. WAITING for this to happen. I've been in constant low-grade pain, and trying to get ready for the holidays has been a real challenge. I went to my Urologist on Tuesday and while waiting, I had a full on panic attack when they told me what they were going to test. So my blood pressure went through the roof. That sent the Urologist into a tizzy, and she sent me to the ER.  I am rolling my eyes thinking about this.. but I know it was for the best.. but such DRAMA was very annoying.  The ER I went to was Hoag Irvine, and they were extremely on the ball.  Brought my BP down, and released me.  Of course they made sure I had an EKG, chest xrays, and gave me this wonderful medicine to bring down my anxiety.  I was able to sleep all night without waking up once.

The most insidious of this, is the amount of waiting I've had to endure.  I've been waiting to get this done since September.  Some of you know I am not the most patient person in the world, and so the anticipation has been causing a lot of anxiety.  To say that I want to be done with this whole thing is an understatement.

I know all will be fine once I am healed from the surgery, and I will feel 100% better than I have had this past year.

I also wanted to tell you about an inspiring conversation I had with my Mom. We both were feeling inspired to speak with one another.  I am so grateful she is still on this earth.  I cherish the relationship I have with her.  She has been my guiding force in my life. Lately, I know I have not told her how much she means to me.. and today I was able to express that to her. 

Love is an amazing thing.  It breaks barriers, it lifts us up in times of difficulty. I want to thank those of you that have messaged me, and called me to help.  You have no idea what a blessing you are in my life.  I feel the love and support from all of you, and it helps me get through these times.

Love one another, forgive one another and tell people you love them.  Cherish the time you have with each of your loved ones.. and open your heart. You never know how your love will help someone open their hearts as well. Its an incredibly inspiring thing to do.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, or any traditions you celebrate. May you have a wonderful 2015...

Peace in Music,


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Best Ever You BlogTalk Radio Show

Join Elizabeth Guarino and her co-host Walter E. Jacobson as they interview me tomorrow morning on the Best Ever You BlogTalk Radio Show! We will be chatting about the positives in spite of the negatives in my life!  This is your chance to call in and ask questions or just join us in the chat room while listening to the show.

Click on the link below:

Best Ever You BlogTalk Radio Show