Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My college bestie..

I drove all day yesterday to get to my parents home.  In the evening as I was in bed, I was reading my email, this came from my college bestie:

"I have had the privilege of knowing Kori since our freshman year in college. During those days you would often find us in a piano room in the music building singing our hearts out while Kori played the piano. We would spend a couple of hours if not more singing some popular songs, but also songs that Kori had written long before. I remember my favorite piece was called "The Admiral". I was inspired by her talent and her ability to make the piano sing. Many can play, but she could make it sing as if she was born with one in hand. I can recall when we would be down about schoolwork, weather, or boys, we would go into a piano room and sing away soon lifting our spirits ready to conquer another day.

Those memories are precious to me. I have been truly blessed and am honored to have had Kori in my life for all these years. Music is a part of who she is. Seeing her follow her heart and dreams of becoming an accomplished musician has been inspiring. May we all follow our heart and not be afraid to go after our dreams.
Love you Kordles!!

Your friend always,

I have to say when I read this, I had tears welling up at the memories.  We named ourselves "DeSkies" and hoped one day we would be able to record in a studio.  Years have passed, I went on to record 3 albums, and we still talk on the phone and keep in touch with one another.  What a blessing to have Tracey in my life.  

And now, I turn to you my "internet family" for your help. No matter where you live on this wide planet.. you can be a part of "Fire in the Rainstorm".  Come today and stand with me and you can make memories with me!

Pledge Music: Fire in the Rainstorm

Monday, November 18, 2013

LA Concert and musings...

Good Morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I certainly did. It was CRAZY, wonderful and now I am feeling relieved. Have you EVER dreaded something that is just out of your comfort zone and you wonder how you will accomplish it? THAT was me all weekend.  I am feeling VERY accomplished today.. and wow.. everytime I go out of my comfort zone, it strengthens me and shapes me into a better person. How about you? Discussion?! Write your thoughts about this! 


Our daughter is in the high school Marching Band, and so there was this competition this weekend being held at our high school. All the parents and alumni volunteer for this time.. because 22 High School Marching Bands come to compete. So the hubs volunteered.. and I baked up a storm for the baked goods. We got up very early, on Saturday and I took her and the baked goods to the High School.. and what a CRAZY day that was.

Then Sunday came, I got up and another whirlwind day of driving up to LA to perform with Fiona Joy Hawkins. I unveiled some new music from "Fire in the Rainstorm". I was nervous.. etc.. and the room was FREEZING. Another musician, Sherry Finzer gave me some hand warmers which really did the trick! I managed to play well and even had a voice in which to talk with. I felt like I was on my game, and played quite well.

Hollywood Piano

Ric and Glenn

L - Sherry Finzer,  Middle - Fiona Joy Hawkins , Right -  Steve Whalen.

Pre-Order my new album!
During all of this... you NEED to know that the PledgeMusic campaign for "Fire in the Rainstorm" hit the halfway mark!!! Talk about feeling humble.. and very thankful. I was choking back the tears.. because I was notified before the concert started via email.. and WHAT a blessing you guys are to me. Having you all on this journey with me to release this new album, is SO awesome and inspiring. I can't tell you how excited I am! If you have not pledged yet, there is still plenty of time, and think of it this way.. its a pre-order for my album!! I would LOVE to have you all on board!

Whew! I wrote a novel! Thank you for supporting me.. all my love ♥

Peace in Music...