Monday, January 19, 2009

Home From Vermont

I am unbelievably tired. Not complaining... its just that I have learned so much more about recording from Will Ackerman and Corin Nelsen and it was so much information for myself to take in. The work was incredibly draining.. yet extremely fulfilling.
I flew to Boston, MA on January 6th. I had to drive like a maniac to Brattleboro, VT in order to be at the DG “Dream Garage” before a huge snow storm hit.

To be quite honest... I am a big wimp. Driving in snow makes me nervous...I’ve not been in snow since 1980. Yes I know, I grew up in Minnesota, but my family uprooted us and brought us to Texas. My Minnesota blood thinned out and my memory of driving in snow/slush has been reduced exactly what it is.. a memory. My driving skills are not all that great. Good news though, with a 4 wheel drive SUV vehicle on my side, and GPS made it only slightly tolerable. We were snowed in for a few days and I was mildly freaked out by all the snow the storm dumped on us!

I stayed at the DG for the whole time I was there. It was a VERY creative place to be. I could not sleep much of the time I was there, because my brain was in overdrive at all the work we needed to accomplish.

I finally ventured out on my own.. I really pushed myself to drive out in that winter wonderland. I actually did fine.. and I should have gone out on my own much sooner.

I could write more.. but it would be an immense job, so like I did last time, I will write and post a blog everyday in order to tell you about my time working with Will.

Let me leave you with observations... Will is fabulous. The man knows his craft. He opened up his heart to my music.. and so did all of the musicians that came to lend their talents to the songs. The music is going through some changes, we are blending the Electronic and the Acoustic so that they are balanced. InSync was scratched from the album.. and replaced with a new song “The Long View”.

This opportunity to become a better musician, has been SUCH an eye opener. I will never be the same, nor will my music.

More to come...