Friday, September 25, 2015


I wanted to let you all know, that I will be using WordPress as my blog in October. This blog will go the way of the earth. Keeping TWO blogs is tough enough.. I also keep a family blog.. so that is 3 PLUS, Facebook, Twitter, my website, WordPress, Band camp, YouTube,, SO many social media sites to keep up on, I really need to integrate and keep things short and sweet. I'm about to lose my mind!
So come join us over here: WordPress - Kori Linae Carothers See you all there! Peace in Music, k

Monday, August 3, 2015

New Age Music Reviews: New Age Solo Instrumental Review: Kori Linae Carot...

Review from our friends at New Age Music Reviews! Thank you SO much!

New Age Music Reviews: New Age Solo Instrumental Review: Kori Linae Carot...: Release Date: May 15, 2015 Label: Indie Website Kori Linae Carothers is an award winning artist and has worked with the legend...

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The BIG Picture...

I've received some negativity regarding my choice to use crowd funding. Its ok, I don't mind that. I won't get in a discussion/argument about it. I will tell you why I chose to do this.
I am a full time musician, wife and Mom to 4 children, a cat owns me, so this means I work out of my home studio. I have all of my equipment here. My piano is here, I have my Korg set up and connected to my computer. I can kill "two birds with one stone" because I work from from here I can also be a mother and keep an eye on my rather creative and rascally children. It works quite well. I do a lot of work from here. I am THE Marketing Director.. you know about me because I am the one doing all the tweets, FBs, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogging, and my partners in crime for broadcasting are working with me because I hired them. They do their job well. The Broadcasters LOVE the music and they are good people that love music and want to share with you!

Story time: I went to work outside of my home a few years ago, I wasn't able to focus on composing music, IN fact my children got into a lot of trouble. I wasn't home.. doing the work that was vital to keeping my music career going. The repercussions of that choice is still rippling.. but I found my way back and I am working here at home, once again.
I am taking big risks because I know the music is important. I have used crowd funding before, and it worked well. We hit the goal of 5k. Which payed for part of the recording, and manufacturing. The rest of it, I got a loan and payed for it that way. I don't want to incur more debt in order to keep my music going. But what should I do? Get more loans, CC, like the Walking Dead creator? I know my music is good, no its GREAT.. and I have to find my OWN path to create the capital to keep me recording albums.
I know, I know, I have been scratching my head too about all of this?! What the heck? Why am I getting loans? What is going on here?

The clincher is: The music business has been turned upside down. It may seem like I am making boat loads of money, when I am not. It may seem like we are rich, we are not. It may seem like I make a size able income, but do not. The only thing that comes monthly are SoundExchange Royalties, and that is diminishing. I am lucky to make $500 USD a month in royalties. It has come below to $300 a month. So take 300 x 12 = $3600.00 a year. That can pay for a new system, not an album. Sales are down, and I have to say here, thank God for those of you that have bought my music AND contributed to my crowdfunding campaigns!

You know about me because I work myself 8-12 hour days even with kids in the mix, because if I don't do it all of this stuff.. no one will.

A new album can cost between 5k to 30k. Since I released a solo piano album, it was a bit cheaper to do. So far it has cost 20k. This includes travel, car rental, lodging, food, studio time, awesome producer - Will Ackerman and rockin engineer - Tom Eaton, manufacturing, rental storage unit- to store music equipment and cds.. yes I have a small house, mail box, shipping, shipping containers, post cards, hiring photographer, hiring artists, website, business cards, bandcamp fees, cd baby fees, copy writers, press releases, PRO music subscriptions ( should I need it for professional reasons), conferences, marketing, promotion, publicist, misc stuff/unexpected stuff. The fact is those royalties are helping me pay the loan and credit card each month. Think Spotify and Pandora are helping me pay for all I do? Nope. In fact the other day I received a check from Music Reports for .01 ... yeah.. thats right, $.01. How can I keep the music flowing when the money is drying up everywhere?

I've had people judge me, tell me I should go get an outside job, waiting tables... etc.. where and when do I work on my music when I'm asleep? Do I leave my kids home to fend for themselves? Nope, that is something I cannot and will not do. So there are things I choose to do differently. I am at home working, every day. ps I am deaf in my left ear, I cannot do the mixing and mastering of my albums.. so this is why I choose to hire someone to help me with that. Guess what? Portions of the sales from FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM go to Hearing Health Foundation!!! I love them because their mission statement is:

Hearing Health Foundation search for the cure of Tinnitus and hearing loss.
Am I asking for a hand out?? OH hell no... this is a UNIQUE opportunity to be a part of the creative process. I love getting to know you better, and you getting to know me better. I have the product already, plus I announce to the whole world what you have done. Its a beautiful thing.. I love it and I love you for taking a chance with me.

So I come to you to help. Each of you is a strand of rope. When you contribute, the rope = music gets stronger and can withstand the pressures of marketing and promotion, the costs of creating an album. Each of you contribute to this "chord"... as the chord gets stronger, the more people can listen to it, and tell everyone they know about. You get to see how things are done, you have the inside scoop on everything. You all get to know me on a very personal level. How many musicians can you say you know personally and help personally? You get music, lots of it, and hand made items from my talented friends, myself and the gift of time with me too. Its an amazing, awesome, positive that will effect me for the rest of my life in a VERY positive sense.

So what happens if we do not get funded 100%? You still get the perks you contributed for and I will ship them to you. The contributions we have will pay Marketing and Promotion. I then will need to go back to the drawing board of creativity to figure out how to raise more funds to get T-shirts, shoot video, go on tour in the Western USA. Its not the end of things.. THIS is only the beginning. Its ALL positive!
I know this is a different path than most people will go. You are taking a HUGE leap of faith to help.. and I won't break that trust! This is a path I chose to walk, a positive way and I will always love you and thank you for contributing...

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Perks? Did someone say Perks?

Most of you may know by now, that I have a new Crowd Funding project: FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM MARKETING AND BROADCAST campaign.

What you may or may NOT know is that when you contribute... you get PERKS. Wait what? Example:

When you contribute $50, you will get a signed RETURNING album by Will Ackerman, AND digital download of my album FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM + a signed FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM album by me. Yeah.. thats right. Did you know that the album signed by Will is a Grammy© Award Winning album! We have been friends, and collaborators for about 6 years and he contributed because of that.

I know that many of you have been following my progress, and I am certain you are wondering why I am creating campaigns for my music. My job has many hats, I do everything. Marketing, promotion, financials, writing, traveling, creating a buzz on social media, you name it I do it. I hire people to help create the art for the CD covers, website updates, marketing and promotion. I write the music, then I go to a studio to record it. I hire the studio, which includes fabulous Engineer Tom Eaton. Will is my producer, I hire him because I know how lazy I can get, and he kicks my butt! This adds up, the amount of $$ that are coming in help, but it is NOT enough. THIS is why I chose to come to you for contributions.. and anything you can contribute goes to what I outlined in the campaign.

* Broadcast and Promotion

* Western United States tour 2016

* t-shirts, posters, wristbands

* video(s)

All of your contributions helps me continue to go and do all of these things. Without it, well lets stay POSITIVE!!

Become a Peace in Music Contributor Today! Click on the link below!!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th!!

I was going to take the day off today, and sleep in. My body decided on doing something totally different.. my eyes popped open at 6:45am. I browsed my email, I should have rolled over and kept on sleeping! Is it so hard to ask to sleep in 'till like 10am? Yes apparently it IS! Don said to me this morning "I tried to get you to take the day off, well it looks like you are as busy as ever!" LOL OH well...

So while I am awake, I'd like to ask for your support with my IndieGoGo campaign. So many of you have contributed and I am SO proud of that! However, I really need the extra PUSH with this. If 300 of you were to contribute $25 this thing would be funded! All contributions go to: Marketing/Broadcasting world wide, manufacturing T-shirts, wrist bands and posters, western states tour 2016, professional video. $25 gets you ALL of my music including digital, the CDs are all signed and beautifully wrapped and gently sent on to you once the campaign is over.


Love You ALL!


Saturday, June 27, 2015

I need a little TLC

With the passing of my dog Marvin, I have had a difficult week keeping things on a roll.. I sure could use some extra TLC. Marvin’s last video with me is here on IndieGoGo. Please come and join us as we take this campaign to fully funded… Thank you … and THANK you…


Monday, June 15, 2015

Pick your Perk...

When I wrote the music for FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM.  I was influenced by many interesting things.  Environmental, animals, close friends, pain, happiness, love and peace.  I asked for your help to get me to Imaginary Road Studios to help me record this album. WOW.. did you ever help!!! What an amazing thing that was! This album means so much more to me than words can ever express!

I come to you now to ask your help to continue the journey we started. You are my collaborators, muses and patrons.  The dream is to share this music worldwide. Whether you can donate $1, $10, or $15, anything helps!   You can Pick your Perk! You can say to your friends and family - I am a part of something amazing.. and its TRUE!

Thank you for all you do!

To contribute click here:  FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Why am I asking for help?

I've had a few people ask me why I am using IndieGoGo to help raise funds for the marketing and promotion of FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM ? Why not get a job? Because I have 3 jobs...

  • I am a full time Mom.  We still have 3 children living here.  I am their manager, confidant, enforcer, taxi driver, money manager, teacher, mentor, cook, butler, support system, quartermaster, book keeper, laundress ( ok hubs does this!). I take care of our special needs dog, our crazy cat. Our 16 yro turns 17 in August, she will be a Senior this fall. Our 14 year old son becomes a Freshman this fall.  Our 12 yro son leaves elementary school this year and enters 7th grade middle school this fall.  I am needed here still.. leaving these kids alone is not an option.  
  • I am a Wife. This means I am my husbands cheerleader, supporter, lover, best friend, team mate, confidant. I enjoy having him around. We make a GREAT team!
  • I am a full time Musician.  This means, I do everything, with the help of some team members. I am the CFO( Partnered with my hubs), the CEO, the VP.. which includes meeting people, social media, performing, composing music, booking agent, book keeper, billing dept., generating computer reports, making sure I order enough albums to ship, shipping dept, I send out the album to manufacturing, producer, order taker, customer service. I hire: photographers, videographers, graphics artists, writing team, promotion team, web team and manufacturing team. I am the travel agent, tour agent, receptionist, administrative assistant. I rehearse at least 2 hours a day.  I wear many hats. I do not have a record label to help take the load off of me because I am an Independent Musician. I am the one responsible if I don't make sales. 
If I were to take a 4th job outside of what I do regularly like say at Target, or working for someone else as an administrative assistant, that time during the day when I am usually working for myself, would be taken from me.  I did try working at a music shop a few years ago, and it was a disaster. I would come home exhausted to find the house a nightmare.  Children fighting, and children getting into major trouble.  I lost my focus of what I should be doing as a musician.  I released Trillium in 2009 and it took until this year to release Fire in the Rainstorm because I lost the focus I needed to have in order to compose and release an album. This is why I work 3 jobs at home, because I can do all of my work here.

The Steinway B at Imaginary Road Studios

This is why I am asking for your help.  We are a generous group, because last year we all came together to create FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM. You know who you are, you and I did it! This is a special project, one that none of us will forget because we came together.. my friends, muses, contributors. If you can contribute $1.00 everything helps!  To Contribute, click here:


Thank you SO much for your support!! LOVE love love.. kori

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Man.. I am VERY blessed... so grateful.. Why? Read on...

I posted the other day about one of my mentors.. who was a piano teacher of mine 24 years ago in my adult years in San Diego.  A good read imho -  One of the most influential people in my life

A broadcaster friend of mine found this ( I wasn't aware of it until today)...

Will Ackerman's thoughts on Fire in the Rainstorm... 

Ok... so the excitement meter just went up a notch or 20...

We are getting close to the big day! May 15th is the day for a Fire in the Rainstorm....



Will, Tom and my best friend Tracey

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cha-cha-cha Changes and news

Hi Everyone..

Just wanted to let you know that I am looking to have my website moved to WordPress.  I do not have exact dates, however don't let that stop you from interacting here.  I will for sure let you know when all the integration happens.

News for you is here:

Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio rotation...

There is MORE coming.. so stay tuned... 



Saturday, April 4, 2015

Feel the Fire..

So many generous souls in this world.  I want to thank all of you that helped "Fire in the Rainstorm" in its creation.  Those that donated items, and your time.. you really made an impression on me.  There are no words in the spoken word to truly tell you what your generosity felt to me.  Without you.. Fire in the Rainstorm would not be. 

Now the work comes to marketing and promotion.  LOTS of things to do. Videos, interviews, reviews, of course radio promotion.

I'm feeling the burn.... are you?  

Stay tuned...
photo by Agsandrew/ 

Friday, February 6, 2015

A New Year...

I have two blogs... one on WordPress.. and one here.  Eventually, I will integrating them onto my website via WordPress.

You can read the blog here:

Kori Linae Carothers WordPress Blog

What do you think about WordPress vs.  Do you have a preference over the other?

I'd really like to know...



Saturday, January 17, 2015


As most of you know, I had surgery in December, and it has done some good for me.  In fact I feel amazing.  Its been so long since I've felt this good. 

The really cool part is this:

A week before the surgery - I had a problem with my blood pressure. I was at my Urologist's office, near a hospital, which the doctor decided I should go to the ER. The office manager wheeled me in a wheelchair to the ER.  To depend on someone to take me to the ER like that was hard for me.  Her attitude was amazing, and comforting.  Needless to say, my blood pressure was brought down and all turned out well.  It was then I decided the next time I went into the office I'd take a copy of "Fire in the Rainstorm" to her, which I did.

This past week, I went back for a post op visit.  As soon as I walked in, she stopped me and told me she has it in her car, and takes it every where with her. She told me the music made her cry... and she could not believe it.  She loved every part of it. She also had her friends listen, and they cried too.

After my appointment, she came out and hugged me, and told me thank you over and over. This was an amazing thing for me to experience. To be quite honest, this whole experience with her made me tear up.  I am so grateful for ALL of you.. those of you that helped me get this album recorded.  

The next step is marketing and promotion, which I invite you again to work side by side along with me. Looking forward to it all....

love & peace in music... 

Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton and my bff Tracey Cravens
kori linae...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Feeling the Burn?

In the stillness of the last few weeks, the quietness before the plunge into the release, and promotion and a tour (hopefully) for "Fire in the Rainstorm", I've been thinking of everything I need to do. The hopes that this album will be an inspiration to you.The stories the music tells, are personal coming from my life and my friend's lives. When I listen to it, the renewal, the promises that these stories tell in musical form, help me to let go of the past, to LIVE in the present with love and peace, and to look forward to the future with hopes that I can be a better person. 

This is a "brave album" quoting my friend and producer Will Ackerman.  There are many fantastic solo pianists, and I hope to be among them.

I invite you to join me, as I take these steps to release this album, to share with your family and friends, to tell the world about the music you will come to love.

I will be writing and sharing stories from the recording, and will tell you about the songs from the liner notes. I will also be sharing comments from those that joined in creating the album from PledgeMusic.  I also have some reviews that have come in to share with you as well.  I am planning out videos as well! 
Your support and love have kept me going on this journey to share my musical soul with you.. and believe me, words are not adequate enough to express my thanks to you.