Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th!!

I was going to take the day off today, and sleep in. My body decided on doing something totally different.. my eyes popped open at 6:45am. I browsed my email, I should have rolled over and kept on sleeping! Is it so hard to ask to sleep in 'till like 10am? Yes apparently it IS! Don said to me this morning "I tried to get you to take the day off, well it looks like you are as busy as ever!" LOL OH well...

So while I am awake, I'd like to ask for your support with my IndieGoGo campaign. So many of you have contributed and I am SO proud of that! However, I really need the extra PUSH with this. If 300 of you were to contribute $25 this thing would be funded! All contributions go to: Marketing/Broadcasting world wide, manufacturing T-shirts, wrist bands and posters, western states tour 2016, professional video. $25 gets you ALL of my music including digital, the CDs are all signed and beautifully wrapped and gently sent on to you once the campaign is over.


Love You ALL!


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