Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Perks? Did someone say Perks?

Most of you may know by now, that I have a new Crowd Funding project: FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM MARKETING AND BROADCAST campaign.

What you may or may NOT know is that when you contribute... you get PERKS. Wait what? Example:

When you contribute $50, you will get a signed RETURNING album by Will Ackerman, AND digital download of my album FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM + a signed FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM album by me. Yeah.. thats right. Did you know that the album signed by Will is a Grammy© Award Winning album! We have been friends, and collaborators for about 6 years and he contributed because of that.

I know that many of you have been following my progress, and I am certain you are wondering why I am creating campaigns for my music. My job has many hats, I do everything. Marketing, promotion, financials, writing, traveling, creating a buzz on social media, you name it I do it. I hire people to help create the art for the CD covers, website updates, marketing and promotion. I write the music, then I go to a studio to record it. I hire the studio, which includes fabulous Engineer Tom Eaton. Will is my producer, I hire him because I know how lazy I can get, and he kicks my butt! This adds up, the amount of $$ that are coming in help, but it is NOT enough. THIS is why I chose to come to you for contributions.. and anything you can contribute goes to what I outlined in the campaign.

* Broadcast and Promotion

* Western United States tour 2016

* t-shirts, posters, wristbands

* video(s)

All of your contributions helps me continue to go and do all of these things. Without it, well lets stay POSITIVE!!

Become a Peace in Music Contributor Today! Click on the link below!!

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