Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Major distributors and labels... my thoughts. *Warning rant*

Here is some advice for those of you wanting to get major distribution: 

DON'T go with a label.. period.  You want full control of your music rights AND you don't want to go with major distribution.  They take a huge cut, your label takes a cut, and by the time you get any money from your sales, its so pitiful that its a joke!! IF you choose to do it.. read the below before you sign anything: 

I've had 3 really bad experiences with label and major distribution. Partially my fault on account I didn't want the hassle of keeping track of what I sell AND I didn't understand how it all worked, also I thought "ooo if I get my music into some big distributor I made it into the big leagues." Man what WAS I thinking? This whole mess was a HUGE misconception on my part. 

Nowadays we have the ability to distribute our own music via CD Baby.  I've never had any problems with them. Unfortunately for me, I made a bad business decision and took two of my albums off of CD Baby, and go with a distribution label.. which promised a lot but became a dud. How you may ask? My name was misspelled, and the sales reports were dismal in the fact they were never detailed like: who sold my music digitally/physically, where etc. There were other things, that really bothered me, but I don't have time to go into them. When I complained, I was told "oh I was so EVER lucky to be with the two biggest distribution companies ever."  Don't be manipulated by that kind of talk.  

Watch out for the middleman because they have NO interest in you... just the dollar signs.  The attitudes these people have are so condescending, I decided it was time to part ways. 

The current business model with these guys is the 20th Century way of thinking.. its the 21st century people.. lets do something different and out of the box!! 

Now I am free to do whatever I want.... WOO HOO! 


Friday, July 4, 2014

At last....

FITR is off to Disc Makers to be manufactured... YAY.. read more about it here:

At Last - Fire in the Rainstorm update

Have a Happy 4th!!  Love.. k