Thursday, April 4, 2013


Well now, its almost time to perform.. Saturday April 13th is the BIG day.

Do I get nervous? Sure I do.. I get antsy, jittery... can't eat anything.

What do I do to calm down?  I close my eyes and breathe.  Remember that I am there to express how I feel about things.. to share my sorrows, triumphs, trials, and joys with you.. and you feel it and interact with me.

Why would I put myself through this?  Because of the communication that goes on when I play.  I play to tell you a story to let YOU know that we are all in this journey called life together.  My problems may be different than yours.. however the feelings and emotions that come with trials, and every day living, the joys, the accomplishments are worth sharing.

How do I feel while I am performing/playing? When I perform.. its like me at the park playing on the jungle gym.  As I play, thoughts come into my mind which ties into the song I am sharing.  Then I talk about what I was thinking about after playing the song.

The City of Mission Viejo has a Cultural Arts committee, is committed to bringing in artists from all over the country to create a visual, musical, cultural environment.  I realize that times are tough.  I realize that staying home is easy to do.. however, I believe in what our City is working towards. They have booked excellent talent, and it takes a lot of hard work to accomplish this goal.  For those of you that live in SoCal and especially in Orange County, come show your love for music by coming to our concert on Saturday April 13, 2013 7pm at the Norman P Murray Center.

You may never know how this will affect your lives and the lives of everyone you meet that evening. Buy your tickets today so you can hop in your car, or take a plane, hop on a bus or walk to the Norman P Murray center April 13th so we can meet you, uplift your heart and spirit.

For Tickets visit Brown Paper Tickets or call 949-470-8440!