Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A little help from my friends...

I am coming to you for your help!  Now that my song "Carpe Diem - ( Alt. Mix) Feat. Aeone" won IMA Best New Age song ( it was picked by the fine judges there), I invite you.. my friends, family and fans to come vote for the Vox Pop vote!

Click on this link:   VOX POP VOTE HERE

Scroll down, you will see that I have "winner " there, that was for the judges!  Register and then go back to Songs, click on New Age Songs, then click the 5 stars.. and you have voted! YAY!

Hoping you are having a GREAT summer!

Peace in Music,


Sunday, June 23, 2013

I am certifiable - READ on...

I finally was able to actually talk to the people at KARE Channel 11.  They of course told me to talk to Gannett Video Enterprises. I received an email from Gannett, telling me that I could post a link to the video or provide me with the video for a price:  ten year non-exclusive license for internet streaming for $2,500 per minute with a one minute minimum.

I wrote back to them telling them I did provide fans with the link, and no one could get it to play. I didn't EVEN say a thing about the license of the video. 

Again, a nice response.. they said the show had been cancelled and the website is still there but defunct! With no technical support of any kind. They told me there was nothing they can do:  

THIS is what I responded with: 

Thank you very much for looking into this for me.  I figured the link was broken.  This is where I am at:  I am an Independent Musician.  This means, no giant record label in my corner to pay for the sum you have asked for to stream a video of myself, and the host of Showcase Minnesota.  All of my money that I earn goes back into music creation.  Paying that enormous sum of money is counter-productive to what I am trying to do.. its simple. 

Your answer to my problem was not a solution, it was an unacceptable answer.  There is always something positive that can be done.  This was one of my first television appearances. It was SO much fun! I want to show to my fans how much fun it was!  My website is my "resume" as you will, it is a productive thing for me to have that clip on my website.  It shows that I am actually working.  How about your resume?  Would you want to have everything you've done on that resume to let potential company(s) know your skills?  This is for mine. 

I DO have a great idea,  a trade of sorts. 

You give me permission to put the video of myself on this show,up on my website, I give you permission to license my music for your company.  Licensing music is expensive, this way you have my music to use.  I put links to your company and the host(s) that were involved with Showcase Minnesota.  Its a win/win situation.  

Let me know what you think!

Again, my thanks for taking the time to talk with me and look into this. 

I am absolutely crazy.  Who knows WHAT will happen... haha.  

More to come...