Saturday, June 27, 2015

I need a little TLC

With the passing of my dog Marvin, I have had a difficult week keeping things on a roll.. I sure could use some extra TLC. Marvin’s last video with me is here on IndieGoGo. Please come and join us as we take this campaign to fully funded… Thank you … and THANK you…


Monday, June 15, 2015

Pick your Perk...

When I wrote the music for FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM.  I was influenced by many interesting things.  Environmental, animals, close friends, pain, happiness, love and peace.  I asked for your help to get me to Imaginary Road Studios to help me record this album. WOW.. did you ever help!!! What an amazing thing that was! This album means so much more to me than words can ever express!

I come to you now to ask your help to continue the journey we started. You are my collaborators, muses and patrons.  The dream is to share this music worldwide. Whether you can donate $1, $10, or $15, anything helps!   You can Pick your Perk! You can say to your friends and family - I am a part of something amazing.. and its TRUE!

Thank you for all you do!

To contribute click here:  FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Why am I asking for help?

I've had a few people ask me why I am using IndieGoGo to help raise funds for the marketing and promotion of FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM ? Why not get a job? Because I have 3 jobs...

  • I am a full time Mom.  We still have 3 children living here.  I am their manager, confidant, enforcer, taxi driver, money manager, teacher, mentor, cook, butler, support system, quartermaster, book keeper, laundress ( ok hubs does this!). I take care of our special needs dog, our crazy cat. Our 16 yro turns 17 in August, she will be a Senior this fall. Our 14 year old son becomes a Freshman this fall.  Our 12 yro son leaves elementary school this year and enters 7th grade middle school this fall.  I am needed here still.. leaving these kids alone is not an option.  
  • I am a Wife. This means I am my husbands cheerleader, supporter, lover, best friend, team mate, confidant. I enjoy having him around. We make a GREAT team!
  • I am a full time Musician.  This means, I do everything, with the help of some team members. I am the CFO( Partnered with my hubs), the CEO, the VP.. which includes meeting people, social media, performing, composing music, booking agent, book keeper, billing dept., generating computer reports, making sure I order enough albums to ship, shipping dept, I send out the album to manufacturing, producer, order taker, customer service. I hire: photographers, videographers, graphics artists, writing team, promotion team, web team and manufacturing team. I am the travel agent, tour agent, receptionist, administrative assistant. I rehearse at least 2 hours a day.  I wear many hats. I do not have a record label to help take the load off of me because I am an Independent Musician. I am the one responsible if I don't make sales. 
If I were to take a 4th job outside of what I do regularly like say at Target, or working for someone else as an administrative assistant, that time during the day when I am usually working for myself, would be taken from me.  I did try working at a music shop a few years ago, and it was a disaster. I would come home exhausted to find the house a nightmare.  Children fighting, and children getting into major trouble.  I lost my focus of what I should be doing as a musician.  I released Trillium in 2009 and it took until this year to release Fire in the Rainstorm because I lost the focus I needed to have in order to compose and release an album. This is why I work 3 jobs at home, because I can do all of my work here.

The Steinway B at Imaginary Road Studios

This is why I am asking for your help.  We are a generous group, because last year we all came together to create FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM. You know who you are, you and I did it! This is a special project, one that none of us will forget because we came together.. my friends, muses, contributors. If you can contribute $1.00 everything helps!  To Contribute, click here:


Thank you SO much for your support!! LOVE love love.. kori