Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Why am I asking for help?

I've had a few people ask me why I am using IndieGoGo to help raise funds for the marketing and promotion of FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM ? Why not get a job? Because I have 3 jobs...

  • I am a full time Mom.  We still have 3 children living here.  I am their manager, confidant, enforcer, taxi driver, money manager, teacher, mentor, cook, butler, support system, quartermaster, book keeper, laundress ( ok hubs does this!). I take care of our special needs dog, our crazy cat. Our 16 yro turns 17 in August, she will be a Senior this fall. Our 14 year old son becomes a Freshman this fall.  Our 12 yro son leaves elementary school this year and enters 7th grade middle school this fall.  I am needed here still.. leaving these kids alone is not an option.  
  • I am a Wife. This means I am my husbands cheerleader, supporter, lover, best friend, team mate, confidant. I enjoy having him around. We make a GREAT team!
  • I am a full time Musician.  This means, I do everything, with the help of some team members. I am the CFO( Partnered with my hubs), the CEO, the VP.. which includes meeting people, social media, performing, composing music, booking agent, book keeper, billing dept., generating computer reports, making sure I order enough albums to ship, shipping dept, I send out the album to manufacturing, producer, order taker, customer service. I hire: photographers, videographers, graphics artists, writing team, promotion team, web team and manufacturing team. I am the travel agent, tour agent, receptionist, administrative assistant. I rehearse at least 2 hours a day.  I wear many hats. I do not have a record label to help take the load off of me because I am an Independent Musician. I am the one responsible if I don't make sales. 
If I were to take a 4th job outside of what I do regularly like say at Target, or working for someone else as an administrative assistant, that time during the day when I am usually working for myself, would be taken from me.  I did try working at a music shop a few years ago, and it was a disaster. I would come home exhausted to find the house a nightmare.  Children fighting, and children getting into major trouble.  I lost my focus of what I should be doing as a musician.  I released Trillium in 2009 and it took until this year to release Fire in the Rainstorm because I lost the focus I needed to have in order to compose and release an album. This is why I work 3 jobs at home, because I can do all of my work here.

The Steinway B at Imaginary Road Studios

This is why I am asking for your help.  We are a generous group, because last year we all came together to create FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM. You know who you are, you and I did it! This is a special project, one that none of us will forget because we came together.. my friends, muses, contributors. If you can contribute $1.00 everything helps!  To Contribute, click here:


Thank you SO much for your support!! LOVE love love.. kori

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