Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dear T Bone...

Dear T Bone...

You saw my music, you played and gave your all. It was an honor working with you. I love you for it, I will miss you.. and THANK you...

You will be missed...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Radio Magico...

This review was written by a guy name Serge Kozlovsky. Truly we live in a time where the world is small afterall. He lives in Belarus! I have a funny story to tell about this review...

I sent Serge my album... twice. A few days ago I picked up my mail and I received this funny folder sized packet from the US Postal Service in LA... from the LA Network Distribution Center Claims and Injury... now you gotta know what I was thinking? WTF? What is going on? WHAT is this? I open it.. and there is a battered black folder ( which I send all of my press kits in) and it had NO CD in it. Someone decided they needed it more than Serge. Whats really "Hilarious" is the letter that came with it...

Dear Postal Customer:

The enclosed has been damaged in handling in the U.S. Postal Service
( you mean we are sorry someone STOLE your CD and we can't recover it for you.. you are SOL!! )

I could post the rest of the letter, but THAT will be for another time. Here is the link to the review.. I hope you enjoy!

Radio Magico Review by Serge Kozlovsky

More to Come...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Recordings 2009

It is 3:04 am. Solitude for me. Time my muse wakes me up so that I can work. I am listening to the new music I am working on. Thinking I need to re-record what I have done. Perfectionist that I am. I wish I could type all the thoughts and things going through my head right now. I think mostly I am a bit stunned that TRILLIUM made the top 100 Recordings for 2009, at number one, according to ZMR. (Zone Music Reporter). Many wonderful musicians are with me on this chart. Thanks for all the well wishes, the good karma I feel from all of you is a blessing.

My thanks to Will Ackerman, Corin Nelsen, Jeff Silverman and all the gifted musicians that contributed their unique talents to mine. This path to share my music the way I have always dreamt of, and to see it in motion is very surreal. Words cannot describe how I am feeling atm.

Many other things I am dreaming of is to work in film. I would love to score a film. I know that one day that will happen. If you can dream it, you can achieve it! I am living proof that dreams come true. In the last 2 years, I've climbed out of my box and have done things that would have scared me to death.. but I chose to look at my fears and stare them down. I chose not to put limitations on myself... and that is when things began to move forward.

If you have a dream.. follow it. If you find an obstacle.. remove it, go around it. Don't let all the what ifs, and I can't, stop you.

Open up your heart and face your fears head on and doors will open... I promise.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Concert Schedules

The next year has been planned out pretty much for concerts, family shindigs, and local events. I thought last year was nutty. This year is just as crazy.

There are several places you can look to see what my Calendar looks like:

My Website Calendar:
Kori's Events

ReverbNation Calendar:

My EPK ( Electronic Press Kit )
Kori's EPK Calendar

Keep an eye out May and June more concerts will be added!

More to come...