Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The big question today from many of you is: WHEN? When is my album "Trillium" going to be done.

Well, I have no idea! LOL... I have jinxed the release date about 3 or 4 times in the past year and so I am VERY reluctant to give you an exact date.

The album was supposed to have been done by November or 2008.. but as you all know, that didn't happen. Well if you are wondering.. I will tell you.

Earlier in 2008, I decided to follow a HUGE dream by working with Will Ackerman at Imaginary Road Studios. They were booked up pretty heavy and so November is when I went to work there. I was VERY lucky to go back in January to finish up several songs, so that is one of the things that set us back. There were other things I didn't think would crop up, but did and so we had to set the release schedule back further. I may need to go back in April.. we shall see.

Right now I am searching for artwork to put in the CD booklet. My "Director of Graphics" is Debra Silverman. So she will be helping to put it all together once I get all the artwork in place and done. I will also have photos put on the front cover and back, as well as a tiny Trillium flower placed somewhere interesting. I have a few people helping me by suggesting people they know, or some even do fabulous work themselves.

I am looking for artwork similar to this style:


I would love to use that picture.. but I don't know the artist who did this. Trying to find the one that did that, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So... now you know.

I will guestimate early in the summer. Keep your fingers crossed and come by and visit here, facebook or my website to comment! I always enjoy the emails you send me.

And remember favorite adult beverages are allowed! ; )

More to come...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Musical Stories

I am listening to the Best of 2008 by Mystic Soundscapes. While listening, I felt inspired to write about a song I wrote when I was 14. It is called Nez Perce.

When I was in Junior High just yesterday, I saw a movie called "I Will Fight No More Forever". It is about the Nez Perce Nation in the Wallowa Valley. The US Government in their need for land grabbing, forced the Nation out of their home. Chief Joseph's goal was to go to Canada and continue their long and rich tradition of living their lives. Unfortunately the tribe did not make it to Canada.. except for a few. Their story touched my young heart and I felt I needed to express my feelings about their saga. I wrote the piano part long ago, then 2 years ago, I acquired a Native American flute in Blanding, UT. After a year of learning the flute, I bought another Native Flute from Stephen DeRuby.

To build the song, I put down keyboard tracks, and then I went into Sonikwire Studios to record the flute parts. That was last summer in July. I then sent the song to Jeff Silverman for him to mix and do the sound design for it. It is going through more mixing at Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont.

This song has taken a long journey to get to this point of expression. I hope you enjoy listening to the rough mix of it.. and continue to watch for the final mixes.

More to come...