Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some things are better... untouched...

Strange title for my blog today. I am in a reflective, strange mood.  November is sure to be a full month of activity within my family.  Each weekend we will be busy working and supporting our daughter, and Claire will be home. This weekend has been a bit on the crazy side.  We were supposed to go to Los Alamitos today, but I was asked to compose an improvisation of my favorite hymns at my church meeting today and so I will be sharing the improvisation during our main meeting today.

I am feeling the strains of our hectic week, and weekend so we opted to stay around the house to rest today.  I do apologize to those of you that were expecting to see us at the Wings, Wheels and Rotors shindig. Nothing personal, (I also realized we have company coming over for dinner..) so I need to be around to make dinner.

As I contemplate the comings and goings, the planning, the moments where I can sneak some time to myself I have come to the "aha" moment in my life today.  This realization is the main basis for my blog subject:  Some things are better...untouched....

As a musician I am tempted to push myself over the edge marketing wise.  Sure there is "never bad publicity, or bad marketing" or "too much marketing"... but sometimes I forget that  I don't need to keep up with the "Kardashians" haha. I really do NOT need to keep up with any body.  My expectations have been causing me some real stress.  Like, not having "Fire in the Rainstorm" recorded yet, or not touring, or not doing what my friends are doing.. that sort of thing will send me to my grave because if I let it, it will run with me, with my hair standing on end, and I won't be able to keep up eventually I will become so depressed that I am not getting "there" fast enough.

The last 4 years I had been SO busy with recording, "Trillium", traveling, touring, performing, marketing, working at a music store, quitting the music store after a year, being a wife, Mom, teaching, interviews, meeting people, dejunking my life of people bringing me down.. etc, etc, etc.

I am exhausted!!!!

The past year, I have devoted my time to being in California and being with my family.  I have enjoyed every minute of it, and just forcing myself to slow down has been the best gift I have given to myself.

So, I am not pushing myself right now to get everything done in one shot. I want everything I do to have a relaxed, un-hurried feel to it.  That includes my music. Trying to make things happen when things are not cooperating to "happen", is like trying to make a horse drink water, when its obviously not going to happen right then and there. Hence leave things to progress in their natural order.

I will continue to work at a pace that will bring me to my goals in a better frame of mind.

Thank you for your support of all of what I am doing. I know you will be patient for the next album, and I hope you continue to interact with me here on the web! Who knows what we can accomplish!!

MORE to come...


Sunday, October 14, 2012


Ok so.. sometimes I write about things that really bug me, and tonight is one of those nights that I am seriously bugged.

I worked on getting my Bio and information on Ping which was a musician info site within iTunes.  I was on them to get it done. I am happy to say, it showed up!  I was quite happy when that happened.. until now.  The last day in September of this year ( I think that is when), iTunes got rid of Ping.  *sigh*  Technology comes and goes, different websites come and go... and so I did a search on iTunes to see if I could find any kind of biography on myself.  ( yeah.. I know sounds a bit stalkerish!! lol )  Nothing, NADA, zip... zilch, zero.  My pet peeves with these guys.. is they rely on Rovi ( they are the aggregator for  All Music has all the information regarding my music etc... but here is the killer... NO bio.  I've submitted my information SO many times, they have not updated it.  I've researched as to how to get them to update the information.... and its like running into a wall. I must confess tho, I did write an email, thinking I would never hear from them, and I got a shocker!! They wrote me back telling me they have everything that I sent them including the short bio.  For some KOOKY reason, they have not put any of the info I sent them onto my All Music Page.

So, why should I get so worked up about something like this? Well, as an Independent Musician, not having the support of a major label, it causes frustration because you want the information to be correct,  especially when the info is aggregated into iTunes, MOG and other websites that uses the All Music Guide that is powered by Rovi.  Major labels know how to get that info online and active.  Me? I have to continue to be the squeaky wheel. HOPEFUL it gets sorted out...

Jumping down from my soapbox..

I am happy to say, there are some REALLY good things coming up in December.  I will keep you posted about it all!

Peace in Music,