Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Messages I am receiving..

The Steinway B at Imaginary Road Studios 

This is what came in my messages today… I am SO grateful for all of you that message me. Fire in the Rainstorm was and IS a very personal, intimate look into my life.. because this is just me and the piano..
From Tom Foth:
"I have just found the right time to listen to the album. I actually NEED to listen to the album tonight, if you know what I mean. Thanks for sending out the track with Jeff Oster… that’s how I came to find you… from a song by you and Jeff on Pandora.
A great pianist (like you) always surprises me by the expressiveness they can get from a keyboard.
I’m listening to NuNu’s Sunrise… and I can actually feel your heart… your soul… through your arms to your hands and fingers… out through the strings of the piano. It is a very intimate connected feeling to have with you. Sacred.
I wonder how many people realize how you have opened your soul to this level of intimacy?
Thank you for being brave and being so generous with… you.
It was an honor to have a small part of this.
p.s. Tidal Rift is playing now…. wow… tears… thank you.
Just listened to Liberty… are you kidding??? Wow oh Wow… Amazing.”
I am speechless.. thank you VERY much Tom.

Monday, August 4, 2014

I love flowers and cooking

I wanted to tell you about something I love to do other than compose music.  I enjoy gardening AND cooking. 

If I owned a Bed and Breakfast, I would have a garden there with lots of herbs, and especially roses and gerber daisies.  I love the beautiful colors.  A few days ago I went to Trader Joes and they had scores of these awesome gerber daisies.  Sometimes I like to pick some up for my friends. They are sitting on my table as I type this.  

Gerber Daisies
I also enjoy cooking! I like to whip up a batch Beef Stroganoff using fresh sour cream and gravy. Fresh scallions, mushrooms and ground peppercorns, with a dash of sea salt. I use rice to pour the stroganoff onto it.  Then if I have frozen broccoli I steam it, or get fresh broccoli and steam that.

Lately, I have discovered flavoring my water too, with a slice of lemon and cucumber. SO delicious to drink on crazy hot days.  I like to cook on the grill, and prepare paleo meals for myself, and for my family they like the breads I bake. I know whats in the breads, whether it is a zucchini orange bread or a regular homemade loaf of fresh bread, I feel better about them eating that instead of the grocery bought breads out there.

Don't feel too threatened... I don't bake bread all the time, there are some great breads at Trader Joes that I love to buy and the kids will actually eat. 

There is a bed and breakfast in Southern Utah that I've been just thinking about what it would be like to buy it and run it.  What a HUGE change of pace it would be.  On the one hand, would I be consumed by running a place like that and it take over my musical life? I don't know if I would really care for it messing with me .. BUT I could buy a grand piano and place it in the dining area, and play it for the guests and have my musical friends come and perform.... hmmm what an interesting thought....