Monday, August 4, 2014

I love flowers and cooking

I wanted to tell you about something I love to do other than compose music.  I enjoy gardening AND cooking. 

If I owned a Bed and Breakfast, I would have a garden there with lots of herbs, and especially roses and gerber daisies.  I love the beautiful colors.  A few days ago I went to Trader Joes and they had scores of these awesome gerber daisies.  Sometimes I like to pick some up for my friends. They are sitting on my table as I type this.  

Gerber Daisies
I also enjoy cooking! I like to whip up a batch Beef Stroganoff using fresh sour cream and gravy. Fresh scallions, mushrooms and ground peppercorns, with a dash of sea salt. I use rice to pour the stroganoff onto it.  Then if I have frozen broccoli I steam it, or get fresh broccoli and steam that.

Lately, I have discovered flavoring my water too, with a slice of lemon and cucumber. SO delicious to drink on crazy hot days.  I like to cook on the grill, and prepare paleo meals for myself, and for my family they like the breads I bake. I know whats in the breads, whether it is a zucchini orange bread or a regular homemade loaf of fresh bread, I feel better about them eating that instead of the grocery bought breads out there.

Don't feel too threatened... I don't bake bread all the time, there are some great breads at Trader Joes that I love to buy and the kids will actually eat. 

There is a bed and breakfast in Southern Utah that I've been just thinking about what it would be like to buy it and run it.  What a HUGE change of pace it would be.  On the one hand, would I be consumed by running a place like that and it take over my musical life? I don't know if I would really care for it messing with me .. BUT I could buy a grand piano and place it in the dining area, and play it for the guests and have my musical friends come and perform.... hmmm what an interesting thought....


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