Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time for a bit of vulnerability...

I have a lot on my mind.  I have so much to say...sometimes I just can't express it in the coolest way. Music is my best expression..

Today is different.

Today, I became energized.. focused on what I need to be doing.. "WHAT is that you must be doing? " you ask?

Read on my friends...

As many of you know, I am working on a new album.  I have been depressed, un-focused and having too much fun with a pity party for myself. ( NOT really fun.. but you know the drill).

I had several moments of clarity this morning.  I bought the upgrade for Reason 7, re-installed Reason 3/4 on my laptop.... I am thinking.. WOAH... hey, why didn't I do this a few years ago. THE answer is, oh yeah... I was depressed, my brain was muddy. Couldn't think straight.  ( Waiting for Reason 7 to get here.... )

NOW what led to this clarity we have to go back in time...

A few weeks ago, a good buddy of mine calls me, and literally kicked my ASS!  "GET out of it...WHERE is the Kori I know.. the fighter"...  I gave a very timid answer and while I was saying what I was saying in that timid little voice of mine, MARY JO LISA ( my alternate ego) jumps up and screams.. "YEAH WHERE ARE YOU?"

I hung up after talking for 45 minutes.. well, I mostly listened while my ASS was handed to me on a plate. 

After listening.. I was stunned.  I was touched that my bud, would take the time to call me in spite of the CRAZINESS going on within his life.  I got busy planning out what I need to be doing. 

STEP ONE of my plan is to get Reason up and running again.  

Step two of my plan is to record some rough tracks and have you all to listen to the progression(s) of the music. 

The third step is in progress.  Meaning I cannot talk about it yet, but it is pretty cool.

 I've been inspired and am healing from some of the things that life has decides to hand out to us... you know the TRIALS and changes that come with that. 

As ALWAYS... thank you for your emails, phone calls and comments you keep me going! With you on this journey with me I KNOW I will succeed! 

Peace in Music


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