Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ok so every once in a while I do something for myself. I am sitting in a salon waiting for my copper toe polish to dry. What's most interesting is the sweet lady that gave my feet a massage sang in Vietnamese. I noticed right away the beauty of the song even tho I don't speak her language. Her voice was quiet yet very soothing. My friend Tiana suggested to come.. And so here we are. After driving all day to get here yesterday and the concert last night, I needed some quiet time. Its times like these that I reflect upon the important things in my life. As she sang this soothing tune.. I felt the calm and quiet beauty of it. Sometimes we don't always know how life is going to play out...and these days.. My life is so incredibly different from my past. Whatever happens in my life in the future.. I will be thinking of the song this beautiful soul gifted to me... So go out and go do something for yourself.. Today.
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