Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Imaginary Road Studios Sunday November 16

Sunday November 16th, the morning came with some clear yet very bone chilling cold weather. I received a phone call in the morning from Will to come into the studio and rehearse. So I grabbed a quick breakfast and was off. ( are u kidding.. to play on the Steinway B.. I am like so THERE! lol )

Most of the leaves were off the trees while being there in November. The pine trees have their moment because they are so green. The river I drove along kept tempting me to stop driving and just get out of the car and watch it roll merrily down its course. I saw one of those covered bridges. I should have taken the time to walk through it and take pictures however, I didn't because the piano was haunting me to come and play it.

I arrived and went inside and started playing my heart out. To feel the piano's keys under my hands.. surrendering to my touch, what a beautiful feeling to play a piano that felt and sounded real. I had not been on a piano of this caliber since my college days. Sure I have an upright here in my home studio.. but oh to have a Steinway at my finger tips. THIS was heaven! To be alone with this instrument oh... such rapture. I can't even tell you the feelings I had playing.

The day wore on, I can't even remember what I had for lunch and what I did, because I was distracted by the piano. I know I talked with Will for a bit. I then went back to the hotel. Jeff Oster came into town to be on Midnight on Monday, so I was able to spend some time with him and talk with him about the music. Its so cool to meet like minded musicians that feel the same way I do about music.

More to come...
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