Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Imaginary Road Studios Weekend

Saturday November 15, I slept in till 9:30am. I never EVER get to do that. I have some boys that like to wake up at 6am. Very annoying for the sleepy musician I am. I spose I would miss them if they were not around. More on that later.

I read for a while, then I got up and at 'em. Went to breakfast, then I decided to brave the soggy, wet weather and drive around the area. I drove into New Hampshire from downtown Brattleboro. What a crazy town..very busy for such a small town. I came back, and then drove to NewFane, VT. The drive there is very picturesque. I even saw one of those covered bridges I've seen in pictures. Such a romantic thing I don't know why tho. Maybe its a chick thing.

I drove to Tom and Sally's handmade chocolates and bought some gifts for family and friends. What a trip.. .they had this chocolate paint.. hahaha. I will leave you to your imagination on that one.

I then drove into NewFane and went to eat lunch at the NewFane Cafe. Talk about a great place to eat. They have this great Turkey Harvest sandwich.. I wish I could have brought some home. I think I will improvise and make some after Thanksgiving. I got talking to the locals, and met this guy named Edward Brown, a local artist that has been everywhere.. and when I mean everywhere I mean worldwide. He asked my what my passion was, I told him Music. He told me he knew it! I guess it takes one to know one. ; ) We talked about everything, anything. It was like we were old friends catching up after a long absence. I used to think Kindred Spirits were a rarity. Lately I've been finding them everywhere. His passion is living and art. I wasn't too sure about talking to him in the beginning..because he was a bit muddy and scruffy looking.. however, you can never judge a book by its cover.. so what the hell, I talked with him.

He bought me lunch. I must have stayed there an hour or so, and it went by so fast. He gave me some of his artwork and unfortunately I didn't have any of my CDs with me, so I gave him a card with my website on it.

I told him.. I'd like to pay him for buying my lunch.. and he said.. nope, just pay it forward. I will do that.

After I spent all that time, I drove to an antique shop. I love old things. I have never seen one so stocked with so much in my life. Normally its a few things and china.. this guy had it loaded with so much. He had two secretary desks that one was made of maple and in pristine condition.. it was made in the 1750's and the other one was out of oak I think.. and it was an 1800's secretary with secret drawers. The shipping would have soaked me so I will have something to look forward to when I go back. I have two of those secretary desks here, one made of dark maple and the other out of dark cherry. I found a tea cup/saucer that was in the old Flo Blue china pattern. It is beautiful.

By the time I was done, it was starting to get dark. I began my journey back to the motel.. and stopped to take some pictures of the drive. The 30 is so picturesque and with all the low lying clouds, and the rain.. it was surreal.

I went to get a simple dinner at the local grocery store, a sandwich and a delicious Vermont apple. Their apples are fabulous. Never thought I'd find apples there were comparable to Washington ones...or even better! I loved the freedom I had there. I could come and go as I pleased, I could do whatever I wanted. I never get to do that. Very Cool..

More to come...
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