Saturday, November 22, 2008

Imaginary Road Studios Day 3

Friday November 14, 2008 dawned a new day for us to work with Eugene Friesen ( Grammy Cellist ) and David Cullen ( Grammy guitarist).

I drove to Will's place again, my thoughts were everywhere. My main thought was, the mapping of the music, and how well it went. I will never forget that gift of being able to map out my music this way from now on.

Corin played the music.. and yes a new day had everything sounding much better. I am still the worst critic of my own music, but you know, I can listen to it now without saying, Oh that sounds bad, or wish I had tweaked that... its all coming together.

I got there, and David Cullen had driven from PA. This man has quite a talent. I made some changes to Nantucket.. which I told him b4 we started working. To hear the guitar on my song was amazing. He took the initiative to add a better guitar line than what I have in the current mix of Nantucket in my player.

I think it took all of 2 hours to get that track done with the guitar track in it.

Then Eugene Friesen came into the studio. Cello almost always makes me cry.. and when I tell you that on Midnight, Eugene totally interpreted the song perfectly, and I totally was crying. By the time we finished I was emotionally drained.

When I tell you this experience there was SO creative, pure heaven for me.. its true!

In between all of this, I was enjoying conversations with everyone. The beauty of Will's place, driving all over Brattleboro, just was surreal for me. How often do I get to go on my own to work on my music? Not often.. and this was truly a gift for me. It was like Christmas every day for me... sound silly? Well its true.

So... there I was, drained ready to go back to the motel. Which I did. I did happen to talk with some of the locals in Newfane, VT.. at the Newfane Cafe earlier in the day. WHAT a great bunch of people. I passed out business cards, and they gave me theirs. I truly enjoyed myself.

Anyway.. the weekend was mine to explore and do what I wished.. so that I could rest up for Monday.

More to come...
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