Thursday, December 11, 2008

New rough Mixes of Midnight and Nantucket posted..

Click here to listen: New Music

NEWS! I just uploaded rough mixes of Midnight and Nantucket! Go listen, eat some chocolate, comment, party, drink some champaign..or hot chocolate...

Midnight features me on the Steinway B, Jeff Oster on Flugelhorn and Eugene Friesen Cello. Nantucket has me on the Steinway B, T Bone Wolk on Bass guitar and Accordion, David Cullen on Acoustic Guitar.

I go back to Imaginary Road Studios in January to record The Crystal Fields and A Roses Tale.

The big question burning in your minds, I am sure is when.. WHEN???!!!! I don't want to set a date because then I might jinx it. Just know its early 2009.

More to come...
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