Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Hey Everyone! 

So I am finally home from being gone 3 weeks. For two weeks I was working in Vermont, recording "Fire in the Rainstorm".. and then for a week I was in San Antonio Texas helping my daughter Claire.  She came back from Afghanistan, ( she is in the Army), and so she will be coming home on leave.  

Back to the recording... It was inspiring.. and humbling, amazing, tiring.. you name it the experience was unlike anything I've gone through before.  Will Ackerman is a task master, and he worked me hard.. pushed me in directions I didn't think I had in me.  Tom Eaton, engineer... let me just say, my music is in GREAT hands with him.  I am grateful to have met him and work with him.  He's very down to earth, and open. 

I had to be open about what inspired all of the music that was pouring out of me. That my friends is vulnerability.  Once I opened up, the music flowed, and tears fell, and WOW.  The album is so beautiful. 

Here is a sneak peek:

From my heart:

We have reached our goal of 4k, however, there is manufacturing still to be done, and promotion etc, shipping, marketing.  I'd like to at the very least hit 10k mark.  I know economics are tough, but $10.00 can get you a digital download of the album, AND previews of the music.. $15.00 can get you a physical signed copy AND a digital download. I would be honored to have you a part of this journey to release this album. Also, a percentage of the monies go to Hearing Health Foundation... a charity that is doing so much research on curing hearing loss! You know me, I'm all over that.. because I suffer from hearing loss in my left ear. In fact I am deaf in that ear. 

Click here to become a part of "Fire in the Rainstorm" - Pledge Music

Thank you for those that have joined my journey already and for those of you that have donated your time and talents for my album.

When I say, I love you.. I mean it.  I am VERY grateful as well. 

More to come.. and love, LOVE,

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