Saturday, April 12, 2014

Salty Saturday...

Why is it salty?  Just because "Fire in the Rainstorm" is getting close to being recorded.  I will be leaving this week for New England, and recording starts Thursday.  I will be writing about it, taking pictures and video.  

So many have taken the time to watch the video about my project at PledgeMusic and have chosen to come aboard.  We would welcome you with open arms!  Not only that you will be privy to the videos that I will be posting while working.. etc. 

Imaginary Road Studios taken in the fall of 2010

The Steinway B, that I'm going to record the music on! 
I've been talking about this since Fall of 2013, and here in a few days, we'll be recording!  The process will be grueling, the people I am working with, are FUN and professional! I am looking forward to it all. 

So come on over to PledgeMusic and join us.  You will be helping the project, AND Hearing Health Foundation.  I chose HHF to be my non-profit partner. A percentage of proceeds from the monies raised by my PledgeMusic project will go to them.  Their research is so important for those that have hearing loss, which is ME and many others I have come in contact with.

My thanks to those of you that have taken the time to come on board, to share, or donating your time and talent to "Fire in the Rainstorm".

Without you, this project would not be happening!  You have my thanks, and my love.


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