Thursday, April 3, 2014

April is the time..

Its been a CRAZY time.  January till now I've been working my butt of ( still am) but wanted to take some time to let you know what is going on. 

You may or MAY NOT know that I have partnered with Hearing Health Foundation.  When you come on board with me on my journey at PledgeMusic, portions of the funds will go to them.  I chose them because I am deaf in my left ear and their innovative research is to actually cure hearing loss!  Pretty sweet I tell you! I hope to be able to hear full bodied sound someday!

I am charting out all the music before I get to Vermont.  Its a BORING task.. but I have to do it and it will save time.  

I will be uploading videos and updates at Pledge! So come on over and join us if you have not already!! 

We are working on the cover art, the inside art.  I have a fabulous Art team that is gonna pull that together with me.  

Liner notes to write, which YOUR name can be immortalized with ink!  You can find out more about that at PledgeMusic. 

Most of all.. I am feeling particularly grateful for everyone past, present and hopefully the future.  

More to come!!


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