Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy May - Pledge Alert!

Oh hey!  Thank you for reading my words.  Without your support of my music, I would not be here today.  

I need to ask for help. While we went over our $4k goal at Pledge Music ( we hit 5k!!), I need $5k more to get this album manufactured and marketed.  My goal is to release the album first to the Pledgers, and then there is a release date of September 2014 for the rest of the world.  

As most of you know, I am deaf in my left ear.  I cannot mix, master or even record the album on my own.  I do have hearing, but it is not good enough for those three things. I need a producer to kick my ass in order to get the best possible music out of me.  So while it may be cheaper for some musicians to record their albums, for me its not.  Team Imaginary Road Studios aka Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton, work together quite well, and having them as producers with me, brought out the VERY best of music out of me. Much of the grueling work has been done, we still need to mix, master and manufacture the album.  There are many people that like digital albums, and there are people that like the physical album.  So I am going to release in both formats.

This is my life and dream, I cannot do this alone. You don't have to pledge thousands of dollars or even hundreds... you can Pledge from $10.00 up to $30.00 and you will get my music or even Will's music plus the new album!! There are extras that you can grab while Pledging. "Fire in the Rainstorm" is an album that is expressing my struggles and stories about my friends, in solo piano form.  I am also working on radio versions of some of the songs as well. 

You can click here to pledge today!  PLEDGEMUSIC - FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM

For those of you that have Pledged already, THANK YOU SO much! I am so grateful for those of your friendship(s) and for your awesome help with my music. 

More to come... 

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