Saturday, May 10, 2008

Having some fun...

After handing over Dancin in the Clouds to Jeff Silverman's capable hands I took the week off to have a little bit of fun. Nothing really special, catching up on House MD. I really get a kick out of watching that show. Hugh Laurie plays a curmudgeon of a Doctor. The dialogue is exceptional, the story lines are just plain fun.

The week has been fraught with various hiccups. Lets just say, some of the stuff I've had to deal with was intense daily "mundane fires" I had to put out. Being a Mom of four very busy kids ( especially the boys) is never boring. I think I've earned more "Parental Stripes" as my husband calls them.

Then I got the mix back from Jeff S, and WOW. The overall feel of the song is incredible. Now we tweak the song. Which we will be working on Tuesday. Technology is both my bane, and my strength.

Last night my husband took me to Peppinos and a movie. IronMan. I wasn't sure if I'd like Robert Downy Jr in it, but I was pleasantly surprised by his performance. The whole cast worked well off of one another, the soundtrack matched the movie's overall storytelling. Music in the movies is something I always enjoy listening whether its right on or totally off the wall. Some movies get the right people for the job for writiing original music. I would recommend all film makers to hire people to get original music. I think my favorite composer right now is Danny Elfman. He writes the most off the wall music, and yet he gets it right on.

Pardon my scattered thoughts, its the best I can do right now. I hope you all have a GREAT weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to you Moms.

More to come...
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