Monday, May 26, 2008

Bought a new flute!

A new Native American Flute. I was hoping I was going to get it yesterday.. now I need to wait until Tuesday!!! I hate waiting.... so much for patience!

Why did I buy a new one? The one I am currently using was my first flute I bought.. however, it was not concert tuned. Probably why I was losing my mind when I played it @ my concert with Heath in April. It is in the key of A.

I hope to purchase more flutes. I hope to find an Irish flute that my hands can reach. I bought a beauty of an Irish Flute about a year ago, and I had to return it because it was made for a man's hands. HOW RUDE! lol

Anyway, I'll be recording Nez Perce in July with the new flute! yay!

More to come...

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