Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Story..

Most of you know I am on a musical journey.. a journey that has brought you with me.  Here are a few things you might not know about me: 

Did you know, that when I was born, I was born deaf in my left ear?  We didn't know that I was until I was 5.  So many tests, this doctor and that doctor exclaiming "Oh hey did you see that? Come and look" That did not deter me from listening to music.  I would lay down right next to the record player and put my right ear next to the speakers and listen to everything my parents had. Do I know what stereo sounds like? Not really.  I only knew what sounded right to me, what really mattered was how the music made me feel.  

Did you know that ,when I was 11 I had salmonella, and I was so sick.. I almost died? I was in the hospital from October until after Thanksgiving. Clearly I was meant to stay on this earth for a reason.  Even though I was extremely ill, I did not give up. I knew that my life here on this earth was not at an end. I knew the doctors and nurses that were trying to figure out what I had, and how to treat it were topnotch. I remember being in an isolation ward.  NO one could get into the room without being covered with hospital garb, and masks.  It was kinda scary to a young girl such as myself. However, with the help of the many medical professionals they were able to figure out what I had, and they were able to treat me and I recovered. 

Did you know that when I was 12 I broke my left arm?  I was thrown from a horse. I was in a lot of trouble that day because I was NOT supposed to be riding him. I ended up in the ER and MAN my arm hurt.. A LOT.. but it has never interfered with my ability to play the piano.

When I was 14, I was in a car accident with my eldest brother.  The police thought I was his wife! LOL... I always thought that that was VERY weird.  Did I look old enough to be married and REALLY?,  they thought my bro and I were married?  Lucky for us, we were ok.. SCARED to death but ok. I remember being up all night. I don't remember how we got home, my parents took me to the ER and I remember them taking alot of x rays to check my neck. Apparently I had whip lash. 

I was VERY shy in school. People used to think that was a weakness, and I was teased mercilessly at a Jr. High in Minnesota an in High School.  Those were painful times in my life, and that is when I started writing music.  I wrote so much on this piano:

The piano that started it all. This is when I heard about Windham Hill Records.  In my college years, I heard about George Winston, Phil Aaberg, Liz Story, Will Ackerman, Michael Hedges. 

I have had some incredibly painful lessons in my life in the past 5-6 years. This is what "Fire in the Rainstorm" is about.  My story, the ups the downs, watching my friends suffer too. We are ALL in this together. Even now.. I am struggling with my voice.  My vocals chords are a mess.  I can't sing now, and I cannot tell you how this feels to me. I won't give into to despair, because I know YOU and many others are there walking with me.  God is there too. 

I will continue to walk on my journey.  With all of you being a part of it.. what a blessing it is for me to have you there by my side.  

For those of you that want to be a part of my journey - I invite you! Yes YOU!
Join us here at in the Rainstorm We would be HONORED to have you come on board! 

Peace in Music ! ¡Paz en música!  音楽の平和! Vrede in Muziek! Frieden in der Musik! Ειρήνη στη μουσική! Pace nella musica! 음악에 있는 평화! 在音乐的和平! Paz na música


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