Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January... wait what?

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a FANTASTIC Christmas, Holiday, Hanukah, Happy New Year celebration!  We certainly did. My family and I  did some geocaching ( google that) and gokarting, silly family games... and relaxing! 

Up on Kolob Mountain, Southern Utah. 

Now.. I look at our new calendars and cannot believe it is January... again.. but a NEW Year! wow! Time has passed SO quickly.. I don't even know HOW that happened?!

photo from Dreamstime.com by Jojjlk

Monday, reality hit again.  Kids went back to school, and the next chapter of working on "Fire in the Rainstorm" begins.  2 hour a day rehearsal starts.  THAT is my goal, and if I have learned in my life, I know that some days I won't be able to get 2 hours in, but THAT is where balance comes in to play. 

I want you to know how grateful I am to all of you.  Broadcasters:  thanks for getting my music heard on your shows and the interviews.  I am SO thankful that you play my music!  I also enjoy interacting with you via the web, and phone.  Its fun to connect with you.  

Those of you that have come on board at PledgeMusic.com:Fire in the Rainstorm I could NOT have done this without you!! What a wonderful blessing it is to have you with me on my journey to recording, releasing and YES promoting the album.  Whether you pledge, share the links to the project with your friends, it all helps. YES we hit our goal, but we also have 114 days until the project is released.  This means, you have time to pre-order the album, AND you can pick up a few exclusives.  

Did you know that each exclusive is very unique?  There are gifts you can pick up for you and your friends!  You can have you name immortalized in the liner notes, you also can get a SIGNED copy of my producer/friend Will Ackerman's Grammy winning album "Returning".  I have some super talented friends that have created some unique art items, like a water color print that has a really beautiful mat with it. Also a necklace that was created just for the PledgeMusic campaign!  My cousin works in the fashion industry and donated 2 very special fashion jackets items that are one of a kind. New, never worn! 

Original water color by Barbara Ehlo Holbert

Fire in the Rainstorm necklace by Pat Sylvester

Take Charge Jacket size Small

Arabesque Jacket Size Small

Click here to listen to a preview track from "Fire in the Rainstorm".  Again, my thanks...

Peace in Music,


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