Thursday, September 27, 2012


I am a spiritual person, I love my religion and am grateful for my parents for raising me and teaching me about God.  I do enjoy tho, the occasional reading of other religions and traditions.  I also enjoy reading about the earthy elements that can inspire me.

When you look at my website, you can see that Water has been a major influence in calming me down. I also take many pictures of the ocean whenever I get there.  I love the water, the feelings when I sit on the beach and watch people, or birds.. or just the waves and its sounds.  When I was a child I really loved going on vacation to Madeline Island, WI.  We would take the ferry to the island, and go to the cabin and stay 2 weeks.  The island is situated in Lake Superior, which is a very magical place for me. I would love getting up in the morning, walking down to the beach and listen to the waves come to the shore. Water, will always inspire me....

Lately tho, its as if I am feeling the inspirational effects of Fire. Fire fuels my desire to become better than I am, to "burn" if you will, at my brightest.  Many people fear fire.. with good reasons.  It can burn our homes, forests... etc.. and can cause horrible damage.  I like the fact that after Fire.. then comes the healing of the land.  Trees grow, animals return.. and the landscape tends be greener than before the damaging effects of the fire.

When I was a little girl, I would sit by the campfire or the beach fire and watch it burn to embers...I liked to watch the embers glow when a slight breeze blew around the fire. I enjoy the warmth from it and the flames as it danced in the wood

So now as I write "Fire in the Rainstorm"... I write from the "Fire" that is in my heart. The fire that returned to my soul after a few years of struggling within and struggling with a few from without.  I refuse to let my "fire" die and lose my way.  I have learned so much from the experiences this summer, the trials of "fire", but as always, I have picked myself up and let the cleansing effects of seeing how life can be so good in spite of that.  AND to burn at my brightest.  I am learning to trust that "fire" within and live the way I was taught, with a few additions of my own.

So... my advice is to let your fire burn at it its brightest and be the best you can.

More to come...

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