Saturday, September 22, 2012

What I have been doing...

It was a hectic summer for me in my personal life.  My husband's Mom passed away in June, and then our eldest daughter left for Army Boot Camp for Basic Training in South Carolina.  It made us all very sad, and it was not an easy thing to go through.  I am certain its not the last of some of the wrenches life throws into our lives, but one thing I am grateful for are friends and family.  We were not alone in our journey.

I performed in July, opening for Fiona Joy Hawkins and Trysette.  They are friends from Australia that brought their "Two Grand I'm Yours" tour to the USA.  David Biber, from Two Guys Grilling booked the concert and filmed it at Mahe in Dana Point.  Was really a nice show!

Then I have been performing at the Farmers Market in Mission Viejo, and was able to get a concert set up for Fiona and Trysette at the Mission Viejo Civic Center in September.  Was a GREAT venue and a wonderful piano too.

I have the music for the new album all written, am saving money for recording.  I am also revamping my music space in my music room and will have that up and running again in October.

Wishing you all a wonderful Fall!  I am looking forward to this season!  I love Autumn and the colors!!

Have a GREAT weekend...

more to come...

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