Thursday, September 30, 2010

Interesting Observations...

The last few days, I've been reading some reviews, going back to my electronic roots with some musical tunes.

Its an observation, that most of the people that bought "The Journey" really liked it. Of course as my 2nd album, that I produced, recorded myself makes it very hard for me to go back and listen to it.. as I hear all the flaws. I have had a few fans emailing me, telling me they would love for me to release an album unlike what I did with "Trillium". I had always wanted to create an instrumental album with the instruments that "Trillium" has. That is why I chose to go the route I did with my 3rd album.

I have been thinking about returning to my electronic elements for the forthcoming album. I have so many styles that I want to experiment with. I love the rhythms from the alternative genres... as well as rock... I have been contemplating about the next release.

I don't want to get "stuck" in one sound. I want to do so much more. I have so much in my head. I know I won't please everyone. I understand that everyone has a sound that touches their spirit. So I am not offended that not everyone liked "Trillium". I had a chance to work with legendary guitarist Will Ackerman, and I took it. What came out of it for me, was a leap in my writing capabilities. When creating an album, it takes and enormous amount of time. At least for me. "Trillium" took me 3 years from start to finish.

I am quite certain the new album will take some time. I don't want to rush myself. I am not even sure I will release clips.

So there is much to observe and consider. This is where I am at.

More to come...
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