Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Music Review.. and a few thoughts...

Many people are enjoying the album.. I am pleased to say! Here is a link for you to read the review. Review

I also had a interesting conversation this morning with Stephen Arnold music. These guys recorded two songs of mine when I was 15. They are now a full service licensing and production company. I called them today and told them that when I recorded so long ago, it fueled my desire to become a musician... and here I am a few years later doing what I love to do! I gave "Chad" the link to Zone Music Reporter's website to show him where I have come since then. He was pleased that I called them. He forwarded my info on to Stephen Arnold. It would be fun to chat with him as well.

Stephen Arnold Music

I found my 1/4" reel tape that the music is on, and so I am in the process of getting it transferred to digital format so I can share what I sounded like at 15. Mind you, I was a kid and I recorded a "Pop" style song entitled THE LONELY ROAD that I wrote with a friend of mine Tammy Leishman, from my Minnesota days. I wrote the song, she wrote the lyrics. I also recorded an instrumental piece as well.

I remember when I recorded there, it took me weeks to come down from my cloud. In fact I think the feelings I had afterwards stayed within me even now, I remember the feelings, the nervousness, even the smell of the studio. It had this vanilla jergens scent all throughout the studio.

Thats all for now..

More to come...
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