Monday, November 16, 2009

My Weekend

Sometimes I often wonder if time is in a vacuum. I spent a lot of energy getting ready for this past weekend. It came barreling towards us, we performed and then it was gone and now its another Manic Monday....

First of all, Saturday blew in with the arrival of Scarlet Rivera and Jeff Oster. We all met up with Dj Thornton, KSBR Morning Breeze Host, down at the Ocean Institute and boarded the "Spirit of Dana Point" Tall ship. Jeff brought his flugel horn and I brought my flutes.

This was the make up Schmooze Cruise that was supposed to happen over Labor Day Weekend..but the harbor was congested!

Then Sunday Morning came, I had all my gear loaded into the car.. mixer, keyboard stand, mic stand.. everything! I drove to the airport to pick up Lars Hidde. It was so cool to rehearse with him and work with him. He is such a pro.

Then 3pm came really fast. We packed up our stuffas.. and drove to Soul at Home In between of all the craziness of setting up, sound checks.. etc , etc etc... I was interviewed by DJ Thornton for a documentary she is making of me. Sonya Bangston manned the camera.

People started streaming in about 5pm.. and more came as time went on. I am sure we had about 30 people there. Was a nice crowd for the small room we were in.

The concert started with my set. My hearing was so bad ( Claritin wore off) that I chose to go completely acoustic since the room was already "LIVE" enough. Adding more sound was causing me to be confused because of my hearing. Sometimes my deaf ear frustrates me! Then Jeff Oster and Lars did their set. They asked me to play on several of the tracks... talk about stretching a person's abilities. It was a good thing for me.

During the day on Sunday, Ed Bonk of Lazz Promotions called me to tell me that TRILLIUM is yet again number one on the ZoneMusicReporter charts. This is 3 months in a row! July I zoomed in there at the number 2 spot, and then we've been holding our own since then.

I say "our" with a measure of pride. Thanks to Will, Corin and everyone that worked on the album. Its quite a blessing to know that so many appreciate the music and they are supporting my efforts! Special thanks to Ed Bonk ( Lazz Promotions) and Chris Franz ( Razing Kane Entertainment)

I am sure there is way More to Come...
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