Sunday, August 16, 2009


Where do I begin? At the beginning? Summer was the beginning of all this craziness. I am HAPPY.. but oh... man its been nuts. Not complaining... happy to see the music doing so well.

The biggest news.. is that the album has made it to number 2 on the top 100 charts for July 2009 at the You can click on title of the blog and it will take you there very fast! Click here: ZoneMusicReporter

My sister Annette has reported to me that she has been hearing my music on Comcast's Music Choice program. We both have been very emotional about it all. I can't tell you what this project has meant to me. I have ALWAYS wanted to record my music and to have the opportunity to work with Will and Corin at Imaginary Road.. has simply been THE best experience in my life.

I want to thank those of you that are on the album. Jeff Silverman.. you rock! Will and Corin.. thank you . I am sure throughout my life I will continue to thank you.. because we all will be working together again. Katja, Tania and Deb... thank you... I will never be able to thank everyone properly for the hard work, the love they put into the music.. for helping me, for becoming my friend for life. All of you.. Jeff Oster, Jeff Silverman, Aeone, Will, Corin, Scarlet Rivera, Tom Shinness, Eugene Friesen, Jeff Haynes, David Cullen, T Bone Wolk, Malcolm Dalglish, Derrik Jordan, Jim McCarty, Chris Bahnsen, Ian Blanch and Skip Saylor.

Jace Vek.. thanks for your recommendations... look what you did! LOL

Words cannot EVER express.. my thanks....
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