Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last night, I performed with John Luttrell and Scarlet Rivera. Fellow KSBR Schmooze artists. You may or may NOT be aware.. that on Sunday September 6th, John Luttrell, Me, Jeff Oster, Denise Young and Scarlet Rivera will be all on the same stage together, from 6pm - 9:30pm Pacific. This is a rare and beautiful opportunity for YOU to join us. We would love to meet you.. those of you that are supporters of our music and those of you that have yet to see us perform live. Together we can bond, share stories about how the music has touched you. How we as the artists, were touched in diverse ways to compose and create the music with the help of many others.

To KSBR: DJ and Don... I appreciate the encompassing efforts to bring us together.

Visit KSBR to buy your tickets to the Schmooze event. You will come away feeling uplifted.. ready to take on the world.

To say that the performances I have had this summer was mediocre.. has NOT been that. The moment we are on stage together are the moments of clarity, beauty and the love for our music and one another's talents are bigger than we are.

Each of us have a distinct musical voice. Songs that touches us in many diverse ways. Here are links to those of us performing.. and I HOPE you take the time to listen to each of us with open hearts and minds.

Jeff Oster

Scarlet Rivera

Denise Young

John Luttrell

Kori Linae Carothers

As I type this.. Jeff and Denise are in Nashville, at the JPF - Just Plain Folks Just Plain Folks awaiting awards, and performing.

My thanks to Will for introducing me into a world filled with musical opportunities, new friendships, and more kindred spirits than I ever thought possible.. this is NOT lost on me.

Extraodinary is the word....
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