Friday, October 3, 2008


I will take this time during the debate to do something NON-political. ( For those of you that know me.. know that I absolutely can't stand politics) So.. here are some thoughts about the time of year we are at, what is coming.

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I always get hankering to be where the leaves are in a state of change. I also love the chill in the air. Where did the time go? Summer just flew by.. I guess because I was having fun. I feel like I am changing too. There are SO many things that are touching my heart, my soul. I don't like to change, because there is always some personal growth associated with that.... and sometimes it can be painful. But I always like what happens to me afterwards. I feel better, I am better.

This month I am working on A Roses Tale. I got so burnt out in September, that I worked on other things, getting a routine with the family because of school. I even wrote a few new songs. I am now digging into what needs to get done.

November wow.. that month is going to be incredible. I will be in Studio from the 13th until the 17th, recording Midnight and Nantucket. When I feel ready to announce WHAT studio and who I am working with, I'll let you know.

My re-designed website is almost done. I am excited for you all to be able to see it. My daughters did some of the artwork and Pete has been doing a fabulous job incorporating all the fun pieces of art they did for me.

Pete.. have I told you that you totally rock ? Well, I'm telling you again! You DA MAN! Thank YOU!

More to come...

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