Monday, October 20, 2008

KSBR Morning Breeze Cruise.. My thoughts..

As you all know, I went to Dana Point to the Ocean Institute, and participated in KSBR's Morning Breeze Cruise. It was a cool day, but I had SO much fun. I never get sea sick, which is really nice. I think my family all would have gotten a bit green on the boat because there were some pretty good ocean swells going on out there. We saw a pod of dolphins.

What was amazing about them, is they swim in front of the boat... and I got a little nervous they might get hurt, but DJ and some of the volunteers told me they are fast, and they don't get hurt. I got a lot of them on film.. so once I do the edit of my video, I'll be uploading it on my website.

I brought my Yamaha keyboard with me. I didn't have my husband with me, or any of the children.. so I was on my own to bring my equipment on board. While waiting, I met the Jazz! Music Director for KSBR. She and her friend offered to help me with my gear.. so that was cool. NO more hauling out the HUGE Korg. THAT was very nice. I am SO glad I did not have to make a huge production out of taking that beastie with me.

I did play Midnight and Nantucket for them. Since there was SO much wildlife going on.. I didn't play much more of my music after that. That was ok.. because I really enjoyed seeing what was out there.

I came home tired. I had a really good weekend.. in that I was able to rehearse 6 hours on Saturday.. then after about an hour break, I was able to add two more hours onto that. 8 hours of music time. THAT was SO cool... i NEVER get to do that in one day. I am lucky to get in maybe 2 hours at night.

Tonight I am taking things real easy. I feel like I am trying to get a cold. So I have my M&M's furry blanket wrapped around me to keep me warm. I am thinking about going to bed early. Normally, I stay up until 2 am working. Or I go to bed and get up about 1 and work until 3am. Then I am up again at 5am.... freakin awful schedule I know.. but when my muse romances me.. I gotta respond else I cannot sleep. I MUST obey.

November is on the horizon. I am so stoked to go back into studio and work. I love it. I could eat, sleep and drink studio work.

More to come...

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