Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Roses Tale

You can download A Roses Tale for free on MySpace page. You can click the title of this blog and it will take you to my profile and you can download it! : )

June is here, Carpe Diem is the next song to get mixed, A Roses Tale is due for a remix. Tangled Up gets drum/bass tracks. I also will be getting new photos. Its been since 2005. So I guess its time to get some new ones done.

Nez Perce is going to get recorded in July. My new flute is amazing. The sound of it is pure bliss!

Blue Ice, InSync, Trillium, Nu Beginnings will be the next songs I'll be working on to get mixed. Midnite and Nantucket will be worked on in October. I'll tell you more about that later on.

Thank you for your support!

Peace in Music,

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